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The Most Common Budgeting Mistakes in Physical Therapy Revealed

Are You Paying Your Staff PT’s Enough?

5 Tips to Guarantee your Grand Opening is a Smash!

6 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our FYZICAL Franchisees

How to Prevent Patient No-Shows

5 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Physical Therapy Clinic

What to Expect at the 2018 PPS Annual Conference & Exhibition

Who is Joining FYZICAL?

The ~Spooky~ Trend in Private Practice Physical Therapy

Best Practices for Using Instagram to Market your PT Practice

How to Hire Millennial PTs – Even if Your Practice is in a Rural Community

4 Ways to Serve Your Community on Global PT Day of Service

Countdown to the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience 2018!

Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

The Solution that will have you WELCOMING Dizzy Patients into your ENT Practice

Apple Recognizes One of Healthcare’s Biggest Costs

5 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your PT Practice

We Took a Year-Long Vacation and Our PT Practice Kept Growing

Our PT practice grew from $800K to over $8 Million in less than five years

How Changing the Way You Speak to Physicians will Increase Referrals

I spent 7 years hosting a monthly “Pity Party” with my friend Mike… That is, until he stopped showing up.

4 Tech Trends that Improve Patient Outcomes

Report Reveals Medicare Runs Out of Money in 2026

6 Signs Your PT Practice Employees are Unhappy

Do you spend too much to retire from your ENT practice?

Everything You Need to Know about Joining a Physical Therapy Franchise

How to Handle Difficult Physical Therapy Patients

What are the Direct Access Laws in Your State?

How ENTs Can Create Passive Income

What’s the Problem with Free CEUs?

Fresh Ways to Use Social Media in Your Private PT Practice

Scott Pensivy at FYZICAL Las Vegas is the Man “Behind the Lights”

Balance: The Answer to Increasing Patient Visits AND Hearing Aid Sales?

How to Delegate in Your Private Practice PT Clinic

What is the Most Important Business Metric to Track in PT?

5 Things to Consider You if Want to Open a Cash-Based PT Practice

How to Feel More Fulfilled in Your Physical Therapy Business

How to Create a Patient for Life During the Initial Evaluation

Over 600 Private Practice Physical Therapists and Team Members Come Together in Las Vegas, NV for Brand Triumph 2018

3 Things Your Patients Hate about Your Practice Waiting Room

4 Major (But Easy to Fix) Reasons Your Patients are Dropping out of Therapy

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Private Practice Physical Therapy

4 Ways You Can Fight the Opioid Crisis from Within Your PT Practice

How to Motivate Patients to Complete their HEPs

Celebrate and Collaborate with Other Private Practice Owners in Beautiful Las Vegas!

How to Recruit Top Physical Therapists

Marketing Shortcuts to Avoid in your Private Practice

Are You Prepared to Sell and Retire from Your Private Practice?

5 Ways to Motivate Your Physical Therapists (and other employees)

Are they real? 10 Myths about FYZICAL

Letter from Fellow ENT: "Throughout my entire career in medicine, I've never seen anything in otolaryngology as revolutionary as this."

The Plan that Will Allow You to Give Yourself and Your PTs a Raise Every Year

Why You Have Gaps in Your Schedule and How to Fill Them

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Private Practice

Two Powerhouse Otolaryngologist Competitor Groups Coming Together To Offer One Service for Their Patients

Audiology and Physical Therapy Just Make Sense

Do you know the difference between profit and revenue as a physical therapy business owner?

How to Build a Physical Therapy Business Your Competitors will be Jealous of

Adding Balance to Your Practice Has Never Been Easier

Secrets of a $30 Million ENT Practice

How to Negotiate Insurance Contracts to Increase Your Reimbursements

Sometimes Falls Hit Home

I couldn’t take it any longer... My patients needed help, and the solution was right in front of me.

6 Things You Can Do if You’re a “Burned-Out” PT Practice Owner

One Year Later… 5 ENTs Transforming Otolaryngology in Alabama

Rejuvenating My Career as a Mature Practitioner

18 Tips to Boost your Company Facebook Following and Engagement

Marketing Mistakes You Could be Making Right Now in Your Practice

Ancillary Service for Otolaryngologists Spreading Like Wildfire in Alabama and Mississippi

3 Ways to Handle Your Patients’ Misbeliefs about Physical Therapy

Where have all the private practice otolaryngologists gone?

Lindsey Vonn Ready for her Olympic Comeback after Persistent Training and Physical Therapy

Competition in Physical Therapy: How to Stand Out in the Crowd

As a Private Practice Owner, Should You Pay for Staff CEUs?

What are Functional Limitation Reporting G-Codes?

How much do Physical Therapists Make?

What is the 8-Minute Rule?

4 Mistakes That May Cause You to Lose Patients

4 Ways to Attract Direct Access Patients

Business Metrics You Should Track in a Physical Therapy Business

4 Ways to Increase Clinical Productivity

74-Year-Old Climbs 8,000 Foot Mountain… After Knee Surgery

PT Consolidation is Accelerating, Where Do You Fit?

How Hiring Physical Therapy Assistants Can Make Your Practice More Efficient

Why enter the New Year the same way you ended this year?

Are You Up To Date With The Latest Treatment Methods?

How Otolaryngologists Can Transition Out of Surgical Care and Continue Helping Patients

Happy Holidays from the FYZICAL Family!

DPT Uses Latest Treatment Protocols to Rehab Ruptured Achilles in Half the Time! How Did She Do It?

The Future of Healthcare is Digital

To sell… or not to sell?

2018 Medicare Updates – What PTs Need To Know

The Fastest Growing Peer-to-Peer Physical Therapy Group Looking for More Bright Minds

97-year-old Holocaust Survivor Starts PT with One Goal in Mind: To Dance at His Granddaughter’s Wedding

What You Need to Know about Consolidation in Private Practice Physical Therapy

Healthcare in Transformation

How to Generate More Referrals in Your PT Practice

What can FYZICAL do for my Audiology practice?

Compliance in PT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Counting Blessings: A Few of the Best PT Marketing Blogs of 2017

Some of Our Best ENT Business Tips to be Thankful For

Q&A: What’s the Deal with Physical Therapy Business Consultants?

40 Blog Topics for Your ENT Practice Website

How to Sell… When You’re Not a Salesperson

The Secret Event at PPS You Hope Your Competitor Doesn’t Attend

Why are Physical Therapists Hiring Audiologists?

Scary Billing Mistakes that are Causing You to Lose Money

3 Strategies for an ENT to Retire with Wealth

Why would an $8 million PT practice join a physical therapy franchise?

Dos and Do Nots to Improve Your Ranking Status on Review Sites

Everything You Need to Know about SEO and PPC to Attract Patients

How to Increase Hearing Aid Sales

How PTs all over the world are giving back… and how you can help too.

You’ll Never Overlook Patient Collections Again after Reading This

Physical Therapists Have the Power to Change the Future of Healthcare

How to Make Sure Every Patient Leaves Your Audiology Practice With a Smile From Ear to Ear… EVERY TIME.

Bouncing Back From a Fall

How to Get the Most Out of AOA This Year

How to Get the Most Out of AAO This Year

Why You Need a Physician Liaison for Your PT Practice

4 Things You Need in Your Practice to Improve Patient Experience

105-year-old dances with his wife for FIRST time in 33 YEARS... in an ENT clinic?

How to Hire an Otolaryngologist

5 Reasons Why Every Physical Therapy Practice Should be Blogging

How to Start a Physical Therapy Business

Otolaryngologist Paycheck for Life Plan

Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him... Finally finds relief with PT

FYZICAL Ranked #156 by Inc. 500 for 2017

Why are ENTs Adding Balance Therapy to their Practice?

Seven Essential Facts You Need to Know to Sell Your Practice

BodyQ®: The Future of Healthcare and the Future of Private Practice

Medicare Goes Bankrupt in 2030

How to Sky-Rocket Your Retail Sales

A Future Without Hearing Aids in Audiology?

Do you know the ‘ONE’ thing you should be doing in your Hearing Care / Audiology practice?

Why Are So Many Audiologists & Hearing Aid Clinics Joining the Fastest Growing Physical Therapy Franchise in the World?

ATTENTION: Audiologists who hate declining reimbursements & increased competition

There is Finally an Answer for Audiologists & Hearing Care Specialists to Compete with Big Box Stores like Costco & Sam’s Club

14 Benefits of Adding Balance Therapy to Your Otolaryngology Practice

Innovative Otolaryngologists Creating Wealth by Making Balance Their Business

Q&A with Sarah Powell, MD, FYZICAL franchisee in Dakota Dunes, SD

The Fastest Growing Group of Private Practice Otolaryngologists Ever! Meet the Man Behind it All…

Balance… The New Ancillary Revenue Service TRANSFORMING the Field of Otolaryngology

SHARK WEEK IS HERE: Don’t lose to the sharks (…hospitals) like Michael Phelps

What in the world does Amazon acquiring Whole Foods have to do with Physical Therapy?

Do you know the ‘ONE’ thing you should be doing in your physical therapy practice?

Taking Control of Billing and Collections

Physical Therapy: A Solution to the Rise of Opioid Addiction

Franchise for 500, Alex!

Finding the Right PT to Fill Your Shoes

5 Ways to Build Business Without Leaving the Office

What does Warren Buffett see in Physical Therapy that so many are missing?

The Ups and Downs of Physical Therapists Networking with Physical Therapists

3 Signs Your Physical Therapy Business Needs a Marketing Makeover

How to Attract Direct Access, Out of Network, and Cash-Pay New Patients from the General Public with only an iPad… Guaranteed!

8 Ways to Generate More Referrals in Your Physical Therapy Business

PT Revolution Attendees Get a Rare Look into FYZICAL’s Brand Triumph

New Study Reveals Private Practice PT Owners Are Collecting 10% LESS Than What’s Possible

FYZICAL: Becoming the Ace Hardware® of Preventative Healthcare

Case Study: Why Do Some PT Practices Grow Bigger and Faster Than Others?

5 Basic Business Principles Every PT Owner Should Have on Lock Down in Their Practice

3 Tips to Increasing Cash Based Sales in Your PT Practice

Franchising Today: Get FYZICAL – A franchisor plans to change the landscape of healthcare.

Keni Thomas Set To Inspire PT Private Practice Owners to Lead the Way in Healthcare Today


This Might Be Your Last Chance to Stop New POPTs Coming to Your Area

Why One Man Travels the World to Find the Best Protocols, Treatments, and Equipment for the Best in Patient Care

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About FYZICAL

PT Group Discovers the Secret to Increasing Reimbursements

The Top 5 Reasons Private Practices Fail


Neither Amputation, Brain Injury, nor Loss of Balance Could Stop this Courageous War Veteran from Winning the Gold

8 Principles to Earn a Paycheck For Life!

FYZICAL Welcomes 13 New Members!

National Director of Education Added to FYZICAL Team of Experts

How a PT Owner in Rural Georgia Sent His Team on a Vacation to Jamaica

Why a Franchise Model Works for Private Practice PT

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