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Are You a PT Looking For How To Open Your Own PT Practice?

Opening a physical therapy practice of your own is easier than ever when you partner with FYZICAL. Starting out in the physical therapy industry can be challenging when you’re not sure where to get started. Not only are new physical therapists (PTs) still establishing a client base and reputation, they often must do so while working for someone else. Whether you’re part of a hospital system or are simply working in another PT’s practice, this can bring challenges like a lack of flexibility and limited income.

Many new PTs don’t realize that opening a physical therapy practice can be easier to navigate when you partner with someone like FYZICAL. Learn how we help new PTs just like you to take ownership of their careers.

What is FYZICAL?

FYZICAL is a health and wellness franchise with over 400 locations across the U.S. We’ve developed a highly flexible and adaptable system that allows new PTs like you to build their own practices, their way. We walk our PT partners through every step of setting up a new physical therapy clinic, including:

  • Finding the right location
  • Identifying the best services to offer in your area
  • Connecting you directly with new patients and doctors who make referrals
  • Helping you market your new business
  • Operational support on how to run your clinic more efficiently
  • Comprehensive training for things like: business management, referral management, clinical training, new industry guidelines, and billing.

… and much more. You’ve mastered the art and science of providing valuable physical therapy services to patients in need. FYZICAL understands the business side of physical therapy private practice ownership and can help you start your business Pointed in the right direction.

The Benefits of Opening a Physical Therapy Practice of Your Own

There’s no doubt that partnering with FYZICAL is a great way to open your own practice. Still, you might be wondering whether it’s really the right time for you to take that step on your own. Many PTs work for others for several years before going into business for themselves. However, with FYZICAL here to help, there’s no reason to wait!

Partnering with us brings value in multiple ways. Our value proposition is defined by helping PTs earn more through expanded products and services with brand differentiation, so our investment is designed to help you start seeing returns as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, FYZICAL isn’t a one-size-fits-all franchise model. We work with our members to create solutions that work for their unique circumstances, which means we’re often able to work within your budget. We help you set goals for your new business and will work with you step-by-step to help you achieve them. There’s no reason to wait when we could help you start growing your own practice now.

It goes without saying that business ownership includes many perks that you simply don’t enjoy by working for someone else. Our members are able to:

  • Set their own schedules
  • Make their own staffing decisions
  • Leverage their strengths effectively
  • Offer the services their community needs
  • Be 100% owner of their own practice

… and much more. FYZICAL can help you achieve this career freedom!

Interested in learning more about a partnership with our health and wellness franchise? Contact us today for more information about opening a physical therapy practice.

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