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2021 Physical Therapy Changes & Trends to Look Forward To

Dec 31, 2020 2:00:00 PM

FYZICAL’s business model is the future of the physical therapy profession. We work with dedicated partners to open and operate thriving practices across the country. One of the many ways we support them is by keeping our finger on the pulse of industry trends, and we think that 2021 physical therapy changes will be instrumental for our brand. The major trend shifts below make it easy to see why there’s never been a better time to invest in a physical therapy practice of your own.

The Sports Medicine Sector Continues to Grow

FYZICAL practices specialize in a variety of sectors, one of which is sports medicine. Many of our patients come to us because of injuries sustained while competing in sports or from working out. This sector of the market is estimated to grow at around 8% per year through at least 2027, with a projected worth of $15.2 billion.

We believe that one of the reasons for this projected growth is that more than ever, people are working out and participating in sports. There are nearly half a million NCAA student-athletes, not to mention the countless millions who play sports recreationally or go to the gym. When people in this industry sustain an injury, they need specialized care to recover quickly and safely. FYZICAL is there to help when they need it!

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services have surged since the pandemic, making it one of 2021’s physical therapy changes to prepare for. In physical therapy, there are various ways to leverage telehealth, and it’s shown itself to be effective. FYZICAL continues to help our members refine the best applications for telehealth services within our business model and we continue to make updated information available our members.

An Increase in Preventative Care

Historically, some insurance companies didn’t cover preventative care visits to physical therapists. However, recouping from major injuries can be far more expensive than preventing those injuries in the first place. That’s why we’re advocating for preventive care in PT, and keeping people from sustaining those injuries.

At FYZICAL, we’ve seen an increasing demand for our balance services. People of all ages suffer from balance issues that can lead to falls. For seniors especially, those falls can be devastating, leading to broken bones and costly surgeries. We’ve observed that more people (and insurers!) are starting to take balance therapy seriously, our program can help them discover the root cause of their balance problems and find solutions that work for them. It’s worth noting that The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm surpasses industry standards, we go above and beyond to provide balance therapies that other practices just can’t compete with.

These are just a few of our predictions for the future of the physical therapy profession. If you’re ready to invest in a new practice of your own, contact us today to get started!

Cindy Bercaw
Written by Cindy Bercaw

Cindy is a rock star content writer for FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. Like a courier of knowledge, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent her from sharing everything you could possibly need to know about succeeding in the business of physical therapy private practice. Cindy maintains a reputation for the imaginative. Recognized as a creative problem solver and divergent thinker, she brings her unique skill set to FYZICAL by helping physical therapists access business knowledge that is designed to help them succeed. She is the lead copywriter for Successful Outcomes Magazine, a publication dedicated to physical therapy private practice owners.

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