Balance Therapy

Why is Balance the Next Big Thing in Otolaryngology?

First balloons were the big thing, but there is a new service in town revolutionizing the way private practice otolaryngologists serve their patients:


For innovative otolaryngologists, this ancillary is the easier, more effective way for you to treat dizzy and imbalanced patients. In fact, you can actually get EXCITED about treating these patients! Crazy, right?

We’ll get to the how in a minute, first let’s talk about WHY balance is the next big thing in otolaryngology.

First and foremost, there is a tremendous need going unmet.

As a private practice otolaryngologist, you see countless patients each day who would benefit from balance and vestibular therapy. Not only do you see patients suffering from dizziness and vestibular dysfunctions, but also patients who are at risk of falls. Typically, these patients never find the answers they need.

By providing expert balance therapy, you can now provide a service your patients want and need, as well as impact macro trends in healthcare.

Second, you need a way to generate revenue in your business without depending on your own two hands.

Offering balance therapy in your practice allows you to make substantial ancillary income in your ENT practice because you’re not the one administering care (although you ARE overseeing it). So, you generate revenue whether you’re in the practice or not.

Third, balance therapy allows you to build wealth so if/when you decide to exit your practice, you have a business that is worth more and you have a secure financial future.

Your future is important, and you need to plan ahead. Even if your existing ENT practice is successful, you may have debts to pay off, children who need college tuition, and not to mention you want to reward yourself with a comfortable retirement eventually. All of that takes a substantial amount of saving, and the supplemental income you will produce with balance therapy will allow you to do that. This ancillary will also allow you to build more value if you want to sell your business one day.

So, how can you add balance therapy to your existing business?

If you want to do this on your own, you’ll need to hire a physical therapist – in particular, one with expertise in vestibular therapy – and you’ll need to train them, hire supporting staff, determine the therapy space or find additional space, purchase the right equipment, etc. etc.

OR, you can take advantage of the turnkey balance program available through FYZICAL. FYZICAL has proven systems and procedures that allow you to seamlessly implement a balance program in your business without reinventing the wheel. 

First it was balloons… now it’s balance. Balance is changing the game for otolaryngologists who want to provide the best possible care for their patients and build a better future for themselves.

If you want to learn more about FYZICAL’s turnkey balance program for private practice otolaryngologists, click here to request more information.

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