Fall Prevention

Apple Recognizes One of Healthcare’s Biggest Costs

Recently, Apple released their Apple Watch Series 4. Among it’s many updates and new features are innovative health technologies that can help save the lives of millions of people.

One of the exciting new health features includes fall detection.

Being an industry titan, Apple has had a tremendous influence on wearable technology and recognized the need for fall detection in their next upgrade of the Apple Watch.

According to Consumer Reports, “The new watch uses a new accelerometer and gyroscope, combined with custom algorithms to sense if the person wearing the watch has fallen. If that happens, the watch will send an alert asking the user if they need to call for help. And, if the watch senses that the person hasn’t moved for more than one minute after a fall, it can automatically call for emergency services and send a notification to the user's emergency contact, Apple says.”

Apple knows what’s happening.

In 2015, falls reportedly cost Medicare $50 billion—one of the biggest healthcare expenditures in the United States. With falls causing huge healthcare costs and millions of both fatal and non-fatal injuries every year, Apple recognized the tremendous need for fall detection.

FYZICAL knows too.

The new Apple Watch is giant leap of progress on the path FYZICAL has pioneered in fall prevention. Rather than the traditional ‘reactive care’—'preventive care’ is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Patients want more control over their health and futures, and Apple’s wearable technology gives them exactly that! Click here to learn more about the Apple Watch Series 4 “All New. For a Better You.”

FYZICAL’s physical therapists are providing patients the same opportunity to decrease their fall risk and live longer, healthier lives with FYZICAL’s premier balance and vestibular program.

September is “Fight the Fall” month, but every day FYZICAL works to increase fall awareness and prevent future falls among all age groups.

By focusing on fall detection and fall prevention, physical therapists can identify if a patient is at risk of a fall and provide the necessary training to prevent a fall from ever occurring. Not only could this save that patient’s life, it will improve their mobility, save the patient out-of-pocket expenses and decrease Medicare costs.

FYZICAL’s balance and vestibular program and Apple’s Series 4 Watch are leading the way to fewer falls and less spending by Medicare, ultimately lengthening the lifespan of Medicare.

To learn more about how you can help “Fight the Fall” and implement FYZICAL’s balance program in your PT practice, click here to request more information.

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