Father-Son Team Leads FYZICAL's Multi-Unit Expansion in Dallas as Master Franchisees

FYZICAL father-son team Barry and Remington Burke saw the $50.26 billion healthcare industry as an opportunity to be a leader in multi-unit expansion as Master Franchisees with FYZICAL in Dallas, Texas. 

We sat down with Remington to discuss success as a non-clinical owner, plans for multi-unit expansion, and how the FYZICAL business model is helping them create unlimited franchise opportunities in the Dallas, Texas, market.

Q: You come from a restaurant franchise background. Why did you choose FYZICAL?

A: My family has been in the restaurant industry for 30+ years and in the franchising space for a long time. We were looking to diversify out of the restaurant business, and FYZICAL caught our eyes in terms of what they stand for, the uniqueness of the services they provide, and the opportunity. We inquired about it, started out interested in a few clinics, and saw the potential of being Master Franchisees. My Dad and I work as a team; he handles most of the Master Franchisee responsibilities while I manage the day-to-day clinic operations and work with potential franchisees. 

Q: Why did FYZICAL stand out to you?

A: We liked the opportunity of the personal wellness space and the idea of driving more positive outcomes. We also wanted the diversification of providing a professional service as opposed to a product and the concept of tying that into the health and wellness space.

mhollerFyzical022020_42Additionally, FYZICAL has its proprietary #1 Balance and Vestibular Program, which really stood out. Physical therapy is very competitive, so having an advantage in this space is essential. The branding - the colors, the graphics, the image, and the uniqueness of this service - is vital. The success of their current established clinics was impressive. Plus, the training and the resources are phenomenal. Many other clinics may say they do that, but they don't.

Learn more about FYZICAL's #1 Balance and Vestibular Program

Q: You don't have healthcare experience. Did that matter when implementing the FYZICAL model?

A: FYZICAL has played a massive role in creating a framework to give you the support you need at all levels. It's an interesting dynamic because they've combined very experienced physical therapy professionals with an experienced franchise board and blended that well. FYZICAL's training, support, and sharp, experienced, knowledgeable executive team made that possible.

Coming from a space of not having any familiarity at all, I realized this was a unique opportunity to own a healthcare business without having healthcare experience. 

It allows my team to do what they do best, to specialize in their craft at a high level while I handle the business side. FYZICAL allows for a great deal of opportunity and support by providing many resources, like strategic partners, training, FYZICAL college, guidance, and weekly calls.


Q: Speaking of training, how does FYZICAL train you to be successful?

A: From the beginning, FYZICAL has been great. FYZICAL college and training are helpful and prepare you to handle anything. I'm using FYZICAL College more and more, which continues to help my clinic grow. My franchise regional consultant has also been excellent; the team always makes themselves available. It made starting out in the business easier, knowing you have those points of contact, and I'm much more comfortable now.

"The support team at Fyzical has been the best I have seen in my 30 years of franchising."

     -Barry Burke, FYZICAL Master Franchisee, Dallas, Texas

How has FYZICAL's robust mapping software helped you plan for market expansion?

A: FYZICAL's mapping software is a really great system. They're investing in resources to help prospective and existing franchisees find a place to put them in the best position. FYZICAL's data software was so helpful in helping us find a territory. They filtered all their data down in a way that could be used for tangible help to find the best territory for our area.


Q: How instrumental was the FYZICAL Operations team in helping you build your first clinic?

A: You're going in there with a blank shell, needing to know what equipment you need, the layout, or standards. There is so much help from the brand on that end. The weekly calls, the checklists, the follow-ups, the process, and holding me accountable for my responsibilities were huge. The team also listened to my feedback. Being a non-PT with questions and concerns, they listened to my input, which I appreciated. Things can slip and hurt the opening process if you don't have that. They've done a great job.

"The opening process for me, in terms of guidance, support, and weekly calls, was incredible." 

-Remington Burke, FYZICAL Master Franchisee

Q: Let's talk about ancillary services. How will cash-pay services play a role in your business?

A: I love the idea of adding ancillary services to our clinic and utilizing the space to a greater degree. Being able to use the facility for cash-pay services, such as dietitians or massage therapy, or for other services in the health and wellness space is something we're excited about as we continue to grow. It will allow us to expand, especially if we have a trusted patient base. It's a nice supplement away from insurance. The growth and demand for physical therapy services will always be there, but knowing that we can do more inside the clinics will help us be even more successful.

2626-stonebrook-pkwy-frisco-tx-75034-High-Res-4Q: What's your biggest challenge?

A: We're always working to build relationships with providers, and most recently, we sold 14 licenses and 4 clinics within our first year. We're becoming a very dominant player in the Dallas market. Every lead is essential and an opportunity. When the referring providers are as invested in the patient outcomes as you are, it's much easier. We both have the synergy of patient care and patient outcomes. I know what it can become because I've seen it. People know what FYZICAL is, and that's where we're trying to get in Dallas. I always tell my team that everything will fall into place if we focus on patient outcomes. The marketing will continue to improve, and the name will continue to grow. 

Q: How will you overcome that challenge?

A: Consistency is key. Building consistent provider relationships. Those relationships will be the biggest driver of growth, and the more we can build and scale that, the more it helps the brand as a whole. Additionally, letting patients know about the services we provide and how we can help patients will also help us grow. There are a lot of giant health networks around here, and it's essential to reach out and let them know why our services are better. I'll be excited when we get our clinics up, and people understand what FYZICAL is, and it becomes their default referral facility. Once we get to that point, it'll be great fun. 

"There is a lot of opportunity in terms of being a Master Franchisee with FYZICAL."

-Remington Burke, FYZICAL Master Franchisee

Q: What are your goals in terms of clinic expansion?

A: FYZICAL allows many multiple-unit opportunities. Once you have a goal and a team who is supportive and also wants to grow, the opportunity will always be there.

I have pretty grand goals of where I'd like to get as a company and to build the FYZICAL name in the North Dallas area. I went into this with an open mind and an understanding of how to be profitable with one clinic. From there, the scaling to six clinics will come, and if there are other opportunities, we'll pursue more. There is a lot of opportunity in terms of being a FYZICAL Master Franchisee. You may have a goal or a number that you want - once you get familiar with the business and have a supportive team that wants to grow, that opportunity will always be there. 


Q: Do you have advice for future franchisees?

A: Go into this with a multi-unit approach. There are so many growth opportunities built around multi-unit expansion. One unit can be challenging, but the economies of scale come into effect with more clinics, and economically, the ability to commit to multi-units is very easy. If franchisees commit to multiple units, it helps with operations, strong brand imaging, and continuity.

IMG_8741-Edit-2I look at how we set up our first clinic, and the brand made it and helped with many challenges. Seeing people open their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th clinics as they grow and expand is encouraging and motivating and shows it will work. Watching FYZICAL's success all over America shows that it can work with different demographics in different geographical areas. 

Keep learning about the industry, ask questions, and keep pushing through the challenges that come with any business. You can't do it alone, and FYZICAL is more than willing to help with these challenges. 

The need will always be there, and the patient base will grow. Offering a wide variety of services and specialties is essential. 

"There are so many growth opportunities built around multi-unit expansion."

-Remington Burke, FYZICAL Master Franchisee

Are you interested in building a recurring revenue stream with a Master Franchise Opportunity? Opportunities are available in Minneapolis, Seattle, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Lexington, and more. 


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