Who is Joining FYZICAL?

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is a franchise organization of 250+ diverse franchisees all over the United States. From Florida to Alaska, FYZICAL franchisees cover a wide variety of specialties and experience. FYZICAL is 350+ locations strong, covering 40 states.

FYZICAL franchisees are all private practice owners. Owners include physical therapists, otolaryngologists, audiologists and even investors realizing the massive opportunity the FYZICAL business model presents.

One myth that has been floating around is that FYZICAL is for “struggling” practices who need saving. However, this simply is not true. FYZICAL members are private practice owners who care about their patients and care about growing their businesses. Overall, FYZICAL members are folks that are one step ahead of the “typical” private practice owner because they recognize the need to be part of something bigger to thrive in private practice and combat consolidation.

Although some owners come to FYZICAL looking for assistance or ways to improve their businesses, the majority of FYZICAL members own already esteemed businesses… and recognize the opportunity with FYZICAL to take it to the next level.

Take private practice physical therapy owner, Dawn Rouse, as an example. Dawn joined FYZICAL as one of the most reputable, multi-clinic practice owners in North Carolina. With multiple locations, Dawn sees the benefits of joining a franchise organization in the same ways as an owner with a single location.

Click here to hear Dawn’s story and see if your practice might be the right fit for a collaborative group like FYZICAL.

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