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Our Physical Therapy Clinic Business Plan [What Our Members Say]

We’ve heard it countless times: our physical therapy clinic business plan has helped well-established practices achieve unprecedented growth. It’s also helped industry newcomers to make a strong start. Don’t take our word for it – there are a growing number of testimonials on our website that demonstrate what our members have to say for themselves. Learn why they love the FYZICAL model below.

“You can be part of something much bigger on a national scale but still retain a lot of your identity.”

Our members, both experienced practitioners and industry newcomers, love that the FYZICAL model isn’t one-size-fits-all. We work with each member individually to help them build up a business that meets their goals and the unique needs of their community.

Some people worry that buying into a national brand means they’ll lose their identity, but nothing could be further from the truth! We want our members to be able to leverage our proven physical therapy clinic business plan to take new and existing practices to the next level – not force them to conform to a cookie-cutter model.

“I’m really proud to say that we have doubled our profitability.”
– Dawn Rouse, Owner of 4 Locations

It’s impossible to predict how any business will perform, but we’re proud that many of our members have dramatically improved the performance of converted clinics, often within a short time. In Dawn Rouse’s case, the key was adding new revenue streams to her business. FYZICAL helps our members build in popular services like balance and audiology to their practices, allowing them to attract entirely new groups of individuals to serve.

When helping you to plan for the services your location will offer, our team helps you understand what's in-demand in your area, so you can make informed decisions on how to build and grow your practice.

“We knew we had ideas but getting those new ideas into actual play in this marketplace [was] tough. We probably would have gone with FYZICAL just for that knowledge base.”
- Bo Hamil, FYZICAL Member, Georgia

Running any business takes a lot of work, like staying on top of industry trends and changes. Many of our partners initially knew they wanted to break into the physical therapy space but didn’t have the expertise in physical therapy or the industry experience to do so confidently.

In Bo Hamil’s case, his 40 years of experience made him an expert in providing quality care. However, he wanted to stay ahead of industry trends to keep his business competitive. One of the best reasons to partner with FYZICAL is that you can count on us to do the industry research for you, so all you need to worry about is working the system and growing your practice.

Who is FYZICAL and what is our physical therapy clinic business plan

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These are just a few examples of great things members are saying about our physical therapy business plan. Contact us today to learn more about what you can expect from FYZICAL.

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