How to Feel More Fulfilled in Your Physical Therapy Business

Whether you’re a treating practice owner or not, you should feel great about the miracles occurring every day in your practice. After all, you and your team are healing and giving your patients their quality of life back!

Still, burnout is so common in the physical therapy industry. It’s extremely common for PT owners to get burned out and just want to sell. The stresses of treating, managing and recruiting employees, Medicare compliance, billing and accounting can be exhausting. It’s no wonder you’re not filling as fulfilled as you hoped you would when you first opened your practice!

So, what can you do to feel more fulfilled in your career?

Although here are 6 immediate things you can do to overcome PT burn-out, you may be looking for a longer-term solution depending on the stage of your career.

Sit back and think back to your college days (the education part, not the tailgate parties). Whether you’re a DPT or a business-related major, you entered the PT industry for a reason. Likely, you didn’t enter this profession to make tons of money, but because you want to help people.

Even though this is something you still do every day, it’s okay to admit if it’s becoming stale or you’re searching for something more. There’s still opportunity to change that!

In order to feel more fulfilled in your career as a PT practice owner, you need to contribute to something bigger.

What does that mean?

As a PT private practice owner, you have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the future of healthcare, and the lives of your patients. You can achieve this by adding the #1 balance program in the country to your existing practice.

First, you’re probably wondering how adding balance will impact healthcare. If you didn’t already know, Medicare will go bankrupt in 2030. Healthcare professionals like yourself can make changes now, to conserve healthcare costs and extend the lifespan of Medicare by focusing on prevention.

Falls are a huge healthcare cost. The U.S. healthcare system spent over $50 billion on falls in 2015. Balance therapy is a great preventive measure to make sure your patients don’t suffer from falls in the future, thus decreasing the out-of-pocket costs for patients and Medicare expenditures.

Most importantly, many of your patients have experienced falls in the past, or may be at risk for falls. You can conduct a simple fall risk assessment to determine if your new and existing patients would benefit from balance therapy. If you can identify fall risk early, you’ll be saving your patients’ lives and wallets. Patients are becoming more and more health-conscious, so this preventive measure is highly desired and currently very underserved in our country.

By providing top-notch balance therapy, you’ll not only be contributing to the greater good of the healthcare system, but also staying true to the reason you got into this profession in the first place: to save lives.

You’re likely providing some form of balance therapy in your practice now, but wouldn’t it change the game for you if you had access to fall risk assessments, equipment and the BEST balance and vestibular protocols in the country? 

There’s no better feeling in the world than helping people heal and live better, fuller lives. If that’s not fulfilling enough, adding balance will help you contribute to something bigger than just what’s within your walls. You’ll become a powerful player in the future of our healthcare system. Balance is the answer to achieving so much more!

Check out these Resources to see how you can gain access to this premier balance program.

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