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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Healthcare? 3 Reasons Why It’s the Perfect Time

Jan 12, 2021 3:15:00 PM

Are you wondering: “Is now a good time to invest in healthcare?” At FYZICAL, we believe that there’s never been a better time. Our brand has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, and the strong demand for our services has led to hundreds of FYZICAL practices popping up across the U.S. Here, we’ll share a few of the strongest reasons that we believe now is the best time to break into the industry.

#1 Our Customer Base is Growing

Some of physical therapy’s most reliable patients are older adults. This group seeks out physical therapy to help prevent slips and falls, to minimize the damage after falls, to regain mobility after strokes, and so forth. FYZICAL loves to help this group achieve their best quality of life through our services. And soon we’ll be serving many more of them: it’s estimated that by 2034, the U.S. will be home to 77 million adults over age 65. Incidentally, at the same time, only an estimated 76.7 million people will populate the under 18 group – meaning seniors could outnumber young people!

Of course, FYZICAL helps people of all ages to stay in top condition. One of our strongest selling points is that our locations offer a wide range of physical therapy services, from orthopedic to sports therapy to fitness. This allows our members to tap into a broader customer base than our competitors can.

#2 The Value of Preventative Care is Better Understood

In the past, physical therapy wasn’t always seen as a necessity. However, private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid are all beginning to understand that investing in physical therapy treatments early can prevent small injuries from becoming costly disabilities. We’ve observed that there’s more willingness to invest in treatments that ensure whole-body wellness. If you’re wondering “is now a good time to invest in healthcare,” this shift is a major point to consider.

One of the best things FYZICAL has to offer is our time-tested billing system. We know how to expertly and fairly bill visits to ensure that you receive the maximum payout for your services. This knowledge, in combination with evolving philosophies on preventative care, benefit our patients and partners alike.

#3 A Growing Industry

One of the strongest pieces of evidence that now is a good time to invest in healthcare is our booming industry performance. The $200 billion healthcare industry is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the millions of new jobs being added every year. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries around. In the physical therapy space, there’s plenty of room for newcomers to stake out a claim. No one has a monopoly in our field, and FYZICAL knows what it takes to make a strong start.

It’s also important to keep in mind that people rely on physical therapy services to keep them active and pain-free, so ours is a somewhat recession-resistant field.

These are just a few of the reasons that now is a good time to invest in healthcare. Contact us today to see what it takes to get a new location up and running!

Cindy Bercaw
Written by Cindy Bercaw

Cindy is a rock star content writer for FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. Like a courier of knowledge, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent her from sharing everything you could possibly need to know about succeeding in the business of physical therapy private practice. Cindy maintains a reputation for the imaginative. Recognized as a creative problem solver and divergent thinker, she brings her unique skill set to FYZICAL by helping physical therapists access business knowledge that is designed to help them succeed. She is the lead copywriter for Successful Outcomes Magazine, a publication dedicated to physical therapy private practice owners.

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