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The Business of Balance Therapy

Sep 22, 2020 3:44:49 PM

Balance therapy services are important to physical therapy clinics everywhere. There’s a huge demand for balance therapy – more than 10 million people each year see a doctor because of dizziness. However, balance patients are often shuffled from doctor to doctor without ever truly resolving their ailment. Furthermore, many balance clinics are unable to treat complex vestibulopathies, leaving many people without any treatment options.

That’s where FYZICAL comes in. The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm, developed by National Director of Balance, Brian Werner, is highly regarded for its excellence in balance and vestibular care, and is one of only a handful of similar programs available nationwide. While many physical therapy clinics only treat BPPV, FYZICAL goes beyond BPPV and treats other vestibulopathies that are more difficult to diagnose and manage. The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm allows physical therapy clinics to maximize efficiency and patient care while also helping practitioners provide new and better services.

Patients Who Need Balance Therapy Services

The 10 million people who see a doctor because of dizziness each year will likely need balance or other vestibular therapies for a variety of reasons:

  • Others are initially referred to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors or other specialists. At FYZICAL, many of our balance patients are referred to us through ENTs.
  • Some patients are enrolled in physical therapy because of an injury or illness when it’s discovered that they’re also suffering from a balance issue.
  • Varying referral sources like neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and otolaryngologists also refer a number of patients for vestibular and balance therapy services.

FYZICAL clinics often provide physical therapy, orthopedic, vestibular, and balance therapy services all in one place. Not only does this help practice owners achieve sustainable growth, it allows for the best patient care possible. Our practitioners are trained to observe the signs of patients who are in need of balance therapy and are able to help them get the right care: everyone from the receptionist to the liaison to the therapist are taught to identify potential balance problems in a patient from the moment a they enter the clinic. This saves patients valuable time and prevents them from being bounced around between doctors.

The Business of Balance

From a business perspective, offering balance therapy services makes sense. At FYZICAL, we’ve observed that many balance patients attend about 20 sessions with our specialists – a high number of visits compared to other services. Along these lines, the FYZICAL Balance Paradigm allows for treatment of patients who need ongoing care for chronic conditions, allowing physical therapists to bill more hours and more items.

As the FYZICAL Balance Program is so highly regarded, our specialists can typically count on a high number of referrals from other providers within their clinic and from their broader community.

Furthermore, at FYZICAL we've observed that Medicare and other insurances see the value in preventative balance services. They are covering more preventive and therapeutic services and supporting more long term treatments. It’s estimated that the cost of falls will surpass $67 billion each year by 2021. Approximately 1% of people admitted to the hospital each year due to a fall, die as a result. With these statistics in mind, it’s clear that prevention is more important than ever.

The bottom line is that a comprehensive balance program brings more referrals and more patients to your clinic, which helps your business grow.

You can learn more about FYZICAL’s Guide to the Business of Balance and how it can benefit your practice by downloading our e-book here. Download Now to learn more!

Dustin Thompson
Written by Dustin Thompson

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