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How to Recruit Top Physical Therapists

Recruiting new physical therapists is often a daunting task when running a private practice and treating patients full time. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can be frustrating to interview handfuls of applicants but a struggle to find the right person for the job.

Did you know your recruiting process could be to blame for the lack of top talent applicants?

There are many factors that go into recruiting on both sides of the equation. Don’t forget that new PTs are interviewing YOU too! A talented, sought-after PT will scrutinize all areas of your recruiting process to judge if your practice is the right fit for them – just as you analyze every detail about him/her to determine if they’re worthy of the position.

In order to attract the best PTs for hire, you have to BE the best practice. In a competitive industry, there are simple steps you can take to make your practice stand out as a great place to work.


Your company culture is determined by you and noticed by all. You set the tone for the culture within your practice, and every staff member contributes to that culture. Even patients will notice if your company culture is professional or casual, nurturing or stifling.

Once you know what kind of culture you have (or want) in your practice, hire those that fit in with that culture. Even the best PT won’t succeed in your practice if they’re not a good culture fit. This article suggests a more millennial-focused culture in private practice due to the influx of millennial PTs. Millennials want to feel valued by their employers and seek meaningful work. If you have a caring culture in your practice (caring of employees AND patients), great PTs will be knocking on your door.


Benefits are a huge deal to all your potential hires. Not only should you be offering competitive pay, but also great benefits in order to recruit top physical therapists (you get what you pay for!). Top PTs may be in search of extra benefits such as additional time off, performance-based bonuses, etc. Offering great benefits may be the differentiator between you and another practice in your area.

Online Reputation and Presence

New PTs – especially millennials – are doing their research about your business. What does your online presence look like? In order to attract great hires, your website, Facebook, Google, and Glassdoor reviews should look good. Here is how you can improve your ranking on review sites.

Not only should your reviews from patients and past employees be positive, but your online presence should show that you’re active online and up-to-date with current technologies. Millennial applicants will most likely favor your private practice if it’s technologically advanced.

Future Goals

The goals you have for yourself and your practice should be at the forefront of every decision. So, recruit a PT that has goals that align with your private practice. Share your business goals with your top applicant and find out what his/her goals are as well. If they don’t align, continue your search. If your goals DO align, he/she will be a great match and be motivated and excited to work for your practice. Perhaps you’re looking to exit your practice in the next few years and your applicant hopes to one day own their own practice… It’s meant to be!


When it comes to recruiting, the most important thing you can do is put in the extra time and effort to find the best PT for your practice. If you rush the recruiting process or hire someone you’re unsure of, you could end up costing yourself thousands of dollars more than if you just wait it out. If you offer a great company culture, extra benefits, and growth opportunities, you’re sure to find excellent physical therapists for your private practice.

FYZICAL has STACKS of résumés from top PT talent who want to work for FYZICAL locations across the country. FYZICAL franchisees are able to attract and recruit the best PTs in less time and with little frustration in between.

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