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Why You Should Change the Way You Market Your Physical Therapy Practice

Marketing is an absolute necessity for attracting new patients to your physical therapy practice, and it’s important for retaining existing patients, too. There are so many different ways to market your physical therapy practice, it’s OK to admit if you’re a bit overwhelmed. Between traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies, the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways you can reach your audience.

If you’ve been in business for a while, hopefully you’re already marketing your business. If you’re not, perhaps you’re surviving off referrals from existing patients and physicians. That’s great and all but it’s definitely not sustainable.

First and foremost, you should be reaching your audience where they are – meaning you should be marketing to them in person, at physician offices and online. Emphasis on “online.” Your patients are likely looking for you on social media and on search engines, so make sure you’re visible to them there.

Most importantly, what is your message to these potential patients? What are you conveying in your marketing efforts that will make these patients come to you?

One guess would be that you’re telling people how great your PT practice is, and that you’re the experts. Perhaps that’s true, however, your patients – frankly – don’t care. You can put “Best Physical Therapy Services in Town” or “New patients welcome! Experience our expert care!” all over your marketing materials and advertisements, but that’s not what is going to get new patients on your schedule.

Marketing has changed because consumers have changed

Today’s consumers are practically immune to ads and marketing messages because we are constantly bombarded by them. The typical physical therapy marketing doesn’t cut through the chaos for anyone, no matter their age.

So how do you stand out and attract new patients to your PT practice?

The answer is: by offering value. It’s all about changing the message you use in your marketing. Rather than talking about how great you are – show your patients what value they will receive from your services.

Let’s look at an example. Say you want to create a Facebook ad about your fall prevention services. Here are two options:

Example #1


Example #2


Try to put yourself in your patient’s shoes. Which ad would you click on? If you’re someone who has experienced a fall or has a fear of falling, you’re more likely to choose Example #2 because the ad offers something you want: confidence.

You may offer the best fall prevention services in your community, but your patients don’t know that, and you haven’t earned their trust yet. You need to offer them something they want and need – and prove to them you’re the best later.

Every time you market your PT practice, you should establish your message by sitting down and putting yourself in your patients’ shoes. Think to yourself (as a patient) “What’s in it for me?” Then tailor your message around that. If you offer your patients value, you’re sure to see a bigger ROI in your marketing efforts.

For more great tips and tools on physical therapy marketing and business strategies, check out our Resources page today.

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