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What You Get for Your Investment in the FYZICAL Low-Cost Fitness Franchise Opportunity

Jan 14, 2021 11:45:00 AM

Are you scoping out low-cost fitness franchise opportunities? FYZICAL might not specifically come to mind when you think of a fitness brand, but physical therapy and health and wellness are our specialties. We work with our investment partners to build up unique clinics that provide services to meet the demand in the communities they serve. We provide them with proven systems and ongoing support to help them see optimal results and a strong return on their investment.

Best of all, the investment you make in one of our locations includes virtually everything you’ll need to get up and running. When you contact us, we’ll generate a tailored estimate that reflects the area you’ll decide on and the services you’ll offer. See what the investment in our low-cost fitness franchise opportunity gets you.

The Perfect Location

Our total initial investment includes location costs, whether it’s a lease or a purchase price. It also takes into account buildout – you’ll likely need to make some modifications to ensure that the space you choose meets your needs. Of course, FYZICAL provides our members with location scouting assistance, so you can count on us to work with you as you identify the perfect place to set up your new FYZICAL.

Marketing Support

Marketing support is also built into our low-cost fitness franchise opportunity because you’ll be looking to spread the word about your new business. One of the best things about partnering with FYZICAL is our experience with the business segment, so we’ve built up a cache of marketing materials, saving you money and time when it comes to launching and marketing your new business.

Time-Tested Systems and Processes
If you’re a newcomer to the physical therapy industry, you probably don’t know much about how to effectively run a practice. In this regard, FYZICAL is a considerably valuable partner. We’ve already implemented various time-tested systems and processes to manage everything from:

  • Referral generation
  • Office management
  • Billing & Collections

You don’t need to worry about a thing – we designed our training program to get members like you up to speed with all of these systems to keep your business running smoothly from the very beginning.

Multiple Revenue Streams

One of the main reasons FYZICAL has become so competitive in the physical therapy space is that our locations offer multiple lines of service. In addition to physical therapy, we offer services like audiology, neurological rehab, sports rehab, balance, fitness, and much more. As a result, our practices can treat more patients with a wide range of conditions. It helps to establish FYZICAL practices as pillars of their local communities and keeps our partners on top of industry trends.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose FYZICAL over other low-cost fitness franchise opportunities. Contact us today to get an idea of how much it would cost to build up a location in your area.

Cindy Bercaw
Written by Cindy Bercaw

Cindy is a rock star content writer for FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. Like a courier of knowledge, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent her from sharing everything you could possibly need to know about succeeding in the business of physical therapy private practice. Cindy maintains a reputation for the imaginative. Recognized as a creative problem solver and divergent thinker, she brings her unique skill set to FYZICAL by helping physical therapists access business knowledge that is designed to help them succeed. She is the lead copywriter for Successful Outcomes Magazine, a publication dedicated to physical therapy private practice owners.

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