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What are the Direct Access Laws in Your State?

Jul 6, 2018 8:32:00 AM

According to APTA, all 50 states allow patients some level of direct access to treatment with a licensed physical therapist. However, the restrictions vary in each state, so it’s important as a private practice owner to be well-versed in the laws in your state.

This updated PDF provided by the APTA gives a detailed list of what is and isn’t allowed in each state when it comes to direct access physical therapy. Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and Wyoming have the most limited access. However, patients can still access evaluations, fitness and wellness, and certain treatments in the right situations.

As a private practice owner, you should know the direct access laws in your state because there are simple guides available with all the info you need, and knowing these laws will help you market properly to this patient population.

Direct access allows you to market direct to the consumer, so you don’t always have to depend on physician referrals for more patients. There’s no better time then now for direct access because more and more patients are taking control of their care. In the past, patients would just go to the doctor and go to whomever the doctor referred for PT. While this is still the case for some patients, others are becoming more involved in the process. Many patients are doing more research on physicians and providers in their community and deciding where they want to go for physical therapy.

As a result, your online reviews, your presence on social media, your website and marketing initiatives matter more than you may think! Direct access patients may be watching you online to see how well you know your stuff and what sets you apart from other practices.

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to attract direct access patients as well. Encourage your happiest patients to refer their friends and family that may need your services.

There are many ways to attract direct access patients. Whether you’re in a limited access state or an unrestricted access state, direct access will surely bring in new patients and grow your business.

Take a look at the laws if you’re unfamiliar and assess how you could be better marketing to this new population of direct access patients. If you’re still stuck in the “old school” way of doing PT business, you could be missing out on new patients, more money and more success.

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