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Multi-Unit Business Opportunity with Multiple Revenue Streams

By Cindy Bercaw on June 15, 2021

FYZICAL has an exciting multi-unit business opportunity for qualified investors looking to break into the health and wellness space. We have hundreds of locations across the U.S. and have streamlined the process of opening and operating multiple physical therapy practices.

FYZICAL stands out in the industry because we support our partners in adding new lines of services to their practices. We’re able to build in services like audiology, balance, and even vestibular systems support. This helps our partners see stronger returns on their investments for many reasons.

Learn more about the value of leveraging multiple revenue streams in our multi-unit business opportunity.

Grow Your Patient Base

Perhaps the best reason to build multiple services into your FYZICAL practice is that you’ll be able to serve more individuals. Physical therapy alone is a growing industry – millions of people seek out physical therapists each year to help with injuries. But more people are in need of related services to deal with chronic conditions, for instance, balance therapy. Building those services into your practice allows you to help more people, many of whom will need treatment for the long term.

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Diversify Your Revenue

Everyone understands the principle of not putting all your eggs in one basket. That's one reason our multi-unit business opportunity is so popular – why invest in just one location when you could open two or more? The same logic applies to offering multiple services.

As industries change, so will the demand for different services. Offering more than one service allows you to keep your revenue streams diversified so you can capitalize on one trend without losing out on another.

One of the best parts of choosing FYZICAL is that we can easily help you integrate new services into your practice. We know how to help you find the best providers and teach you how to market your business, ensuring a seamless transition when you have something new to offer.

Become the Go-To Practice

FYZICAL specializes in offering services that are in high demand but are hard to find elsewhere. Take balance therapy, for instance. Around 25% of older adults report having difficulty with balance. However, identifying the cause of balance problems can be difficult. While they’re often referred to ear/nose/throat experts, these specialists don’t always have much experience with balance.

That's why we developed The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm, a proprietary program that allows our specialists to better identify and treat balance issues. As a result, our patients can better avoid the falls that could send them to the hospital or worse.

Integrating services like this into your FYZICAL practice will make it more than just another physical therapy clinic – it will become the go-to source for help from a broad target demographic.

Contact FYZICAL today to learn more about the services we can build into our multi-unit business opportunity.

Cindy Bercaw
Written by Cindy Bercaw

Cindy is a rock star content writer for FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. Like a courier of knowledge, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent her from sharing everything you could possibly need to know about succeeding in the business of physical therapy private practice. Cindy maintains a reputation for the imaginative. Recognized as a creative problem solver and divergent thinker, she brings her unique skill set to FYZICAL by helping physical therapists access business knowledge that is designed to help them succeed. She is the lead copywriter for Successful Outcomes Magazine, a publication dedicated to physical therapy private practice owners.

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