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Multi-Clinic Owner Says FYZICAL is on the Road to the Next Big Thing

The following interview is with FYZICAL franchisee, Dawn Rouse. Dawn is the owner of four FYZICAL locations in North Carolina.

What was it in the business that got you over the threshold that made you open to other options?

Every time I speak to private practice owners on the phone, it’s the same resounding thought that I had back when I was exploring FYZICAL, “I’m profitable and making it on my own, but I don’t have time to look for the next big thing or make plans for the changes in healthcare.” I feel like FYZICAL is a vehicle. You can get in your own car with your GPS in one had and phone in the other, or you can get in the back seat, and let FYZICAL do some of the driving for you. While you’re in the back seat, you get your systems laid out and you get your plans made, and you don’t have to worry as much. Over and over again, I hear and see that prevention, cash-based and direct access are the next big things – FYZICAL is already on that road. Whereas, many private practices haven’t gotten there yet.

When you became part of FYZICAL, what were the immediate benefits?

Immediately the benchmarks and metrics were the benefits. I had been educated by the APTA previously on business metrics, but the metrics FYZICAL taught me really dug deeper – without compromising patient care! In the model FYZICAL has, patient care is NOT compromised, its’ actually improved by the business metrics and systems.

Since you’ve been a member for 2 years, what are the long-term benefits of FYZICAL?

The long-term value comes from the wide variety of opportunities available to me, from clinical education to marketing and beyond. I really feel like the opportunities and resources FYZICAL provides allows you to be as successful as you want to be by utilizing these resources.

At what point during the process of evaluating FYZICAL, did you realize FYZICAL “walked the walk”?

The ability to contact anyone in the company and feel as though you have the resources within a day or so to tackle any challenge. The quality of the home office staff and the number of physical therapists I can reach out to at a moment’s notice is really valuable. You can see the value and strength of the company just looking at the organizational structure. They’ve retained so many of the same wonderful employees from the beginning for so many years.

What’s on the horizon for you? What goals are you excited about now?

All the new things we’re doing with marketing and workshops is exciting to me. Also, the clinical education we’re getting for free. Training all our therapists to be on the same page. We’re in a new value-driven market, and what FYZICAL gives us, allows us to be successful in a value-driven market.

If you were speaking to a PT practice owner considering FYZICAL, what would you tell him or her?

I would say you have to attend a Game Changer meeting with the FYZICAL team. At that meeting, you’ll really be able to see everything laid out for you, and everything they say is true.

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