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Top 5 Physical Therapy Blog Posts of 2018

Dec 19, 2018 11:47:00 AM

At FYZICAL, we pride ourselves in providing great physical therapy blogs that are short and sweet but pack a ton of helpful information. No matter the topic or challenge you want to address, you can usually find expert insight on our blog page.

This year has been filled with great blog posts that—we hope—made your life a little easier when it comes to managing a PT practice. Some blogs were obvious favorites. Check out these top five PT blog posts of 2018:


DPT Uses Latest Treatment Protocols to Rehab Ruptured Achilles in Half the Time! How Did She Do It?


This blog post was number one and it’s no secret why. PT practice owners are first and foremost HEALERS. You want to provide the BEST patient care in your practice, so this post about rehabbing a ruptured Achilles in half the time is an exciting topic. If you missed this post, click the link above to see how these advanced protocols made such a fast recovery possible.


4 Mistakes That May Cause You to Lose Patients


Your patients are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you don’t have a business. It’s of the upmost importance to keep your patients returning for their appointments by keeping them happy. This post reveals four mistakes you might be making that could cause your patients to drop out of therapy.


4 Ways to Increase Clinical Productivity


Oh, the all-important “P” word: productivity. Increasing clinical productivity will help you maintain a full schedule and ultimately grow your business. Check out this post if you missed these helpful tips.


3 Things Your Patients Hate about Your Practice Waiting Room


Did you know your waiting room is where your patients usually make their first judgements about your clinic? No matter how great a therapist you are, an unpleasant waiting room may still upset your patients. Check out these three no-noes to see how you can improve your waiting room.


6 Signs Your PT Practice Employees are Unhappy


From front desk to clinical staff, there are telltale signs that may indicate your employees are unhappy with their jobs. If you didn’t see this blog post, check it out today to make sure your employees aren’t showing these signs. Happy employees mean even happier patients!

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