Hear How Non-Clinical Franchisees are Thriving with FYZICAL

  • Franchisees with non-clinical backgrounds are thriving with FYZICAL!

  • Learn how FYZICAL's support system is unparalleled in franchising.

  • Hear from a restaurant owner, a small business owner & real estate developer, and a Naval Academy graduate who are all successful Master and Multi-Unit franchisees!

Are you looking to take advantage of the red-hot $59.4 billion physical therapy industry, but you don't have a healthcare background? Not to worry. At FYZICAL, franchisees with non-clinical backgrounds are thriving with FYZICAL!

Hear how our unparalleled comprehensive support framework, including training, referrals, a 5-year strategic plan, marketing, billing, insurance, and physician liaisons (and more!), gives franchisees the resources they need to become successful Master and Multi-Unit franchisees. 

Plus -- all of FYZCIAL's support staff has either owned or managed a clinic before - they understand the business better than anyone else! 

FYZICAL Master Franchisee with a 30-Year Career in the Restaurant Industry

"My family has been in the restaurant industry for 30+ years and in the franchising space for a long time. We were looking to diversify out of the restaurant business, and FYZICAL caught our eyes in terms of what they stand for, the uniqueness of the services they provide, and the opportunity. We inquired about it, started out interested in a few clinics, and saw the potential of being Master Franchisees. My Dad and I work as a team; he handles most of the Master Franchisee responsibilities while I manage the day-to-day clinic operations and work with potential franchisees. 

"The support team at Fyzical has been the best I have seen in my 30 years of franchising."

     -FYZICAL Master Franchisee, Texas

mhollerFyzical022020_07"FYZICAL has its proprietary #1 Balance and Vestibular Program, which really stood out. Physical therapy is very competitive, so having an advantage in this space is essential. The branding - the colors, the graphics, the image, and the uniqueness of this service - is vital. The success of their current established clinics was impressive. Plus, the training and the resources are phenomenal. Many other clinics may say they do that, but they don't.


Learn more about FYZICAL's #1 Balance and Vestibular Program

"FYZICAL has played a massive role in creating a framework to give you the support you need at all levels. It's an interesting dynamic because they've combined very experienced physical therapy professionals with an experienced franchise board and blended that well. FYZICAL's training, support, and sharp, experienced, knowledgeable executive team made that possible."

Former Real Estate Developer, Financier, and Small Business Owner Turned FYZICAL Multi-Unit Franchisee

"I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial. I interviewed six or seven other franchises and found that FYZICAL had a really robust team. I have zero marketing experience and attended FYZICAL's intensive marketing class. FYZICAL gives you exactly what you need to know and has scores of resources to help you with marketing.

"I always tell people that if I can do it, you can do it."

-FYZICAL Franchisee, North Carolina

"They're willing to work with you and have answers to any questions you have. FYZICAL's education training is second to none. As we prepare to open our second and third locations down the road, the original support team has even improved! 

mhollerFyzical022020_27"We offer an excellent service to our community, and that has proven true with our satisfied customers. People rave about us. I love to hear that. It makes me excited to go to work. It's probably what's most rewarding. 

"I love working with smart people. There is very little turnover with FYZICAL, unlike retail or fast-food franchising. Their difference maker is that FYZICAL's therapists work one-on-one with patients, and its niche is FYZICAL's #1 Balance Therapy. As soon as you can get plugged into those sources, the growth can be limitless." 

Learn More About the Investment Opportunity with FYZICAL 

Naval Academy Graduate with a 20-Year Career in the Information Technology Industry

mhollerFyzical022020_29"I was looking at multiple franchises and small businesses to scale. What really got me excited about FYZICAL was the opportunity to help people and know that we can make a difference in their lives. We've got the #1 Balance Program, and we've gotten to see it make a real difference for folks.

"The way they laid out the business model, the KPI's, the metrics...the process made me feel like I could come into this brand-new industry - from the technology industry - and really be successful! For me, that was what closed the deal.  

I've done a lot of startups - this is the first time I had someone line up all the dominoes for me so that I could knock them down. It was awesome. FYZICAL is set up well, and they've been there to support me. 

-FYZICAL Franchisee, Louisiana 

"The process is solid. Most startups fail within five years, and a lot of smaller practices are getting rolled up, going out of business, or retiring because they don't have the right business model. FYZICAL does, and we're able to grow. They have the right balance of equipping, supporting, and giving us the flexibility to do our own thing."

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