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How to Use Social Media for Inbound Marketing 2021: Physical Therapy Business

In this digital age where social media is present everywhere, physical therapy businesses need to leverage social media as part of their marketing strategy. Social media marketing is a way for innovative practices that want to improve their patient acquisition and business outreach. By promoting and publishing content on social media platforms that promote their practice services and affinity, they can enhance their inbound marketing efforts, increasing patient load, and decreasing marketing costs.

Employing an inbound marketing strategy for your physical therapy business will mean meeting your prospective patient’s needs by providing them with value through educational content. Therefore, social media marketing and inbound marketing go hand in hand in improving a physical therapy business' ROI.

Leveraging Social Media for Physical Therapy Marketing

Social media marketing enhances the inbound methodology by providing a way to provide quality content to their prospective patients while learning how best to engage with them. Below are ways in which you can use social media marketing to improve your physical therapy business’ inbound marketing:

Making Use of Your Content Marketing Strategy

For any inbound marketing strategy to succeed, you must have adequate and highly optimized content. It attracts exemplary visitors to your website and hopefully turns them into patients. However, you first must improve your practice’s ranking in search engines to improve and build your organic traffic.

To be successful, you need to have quality content that will answer your audience's queries. You can promote your content through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; - these have millions of users that will drive traffic to your site.

Know Your Customers

To have an effective inbound marketing strategy, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of your prospective patients. You can then tailor your content to meet their unique needs. It will help you attract relevant visitors to your site.

By employing social media marketing strategies like social listening tools, you'll get an in-depth understanding of what your prospective patients are interested in and interact with. It will give you a clear picture of your prospective patients' preferences and if they use social media as a decision-making tool.

For instance, if your customers engage with content from a local online news site, you could consider placing advertisements on that site. A great alternative would be looking for a guest blogging opportunity in the area to earn backlinks to your practice website.

Information about where your potential patients spend time browsing, what sites inform their decision-making process, and at what stage they discover your practice will enhance your inbound marketing strategies.

Streamline Your Content Strategy

Just as you would employ social listening tools to learn more about your clients, you can also find out what content is working, and which is not. For instance, if you have created e-books or other educational materials to inform prospective patients of your services, measuring the amount of engagement with each piece will help you determine what type of content you could produce more of. 

You should also use social media to find out what your competition is sharing with its customers. It is not a copy and paste strategy but a fact-finding activity to identify where your content needs improvement. You can also use this information to plan your own content calendar to attract and better engage with your prospective clients.

Engage with Your Customers

Engagement is a great social media marketing strategy that will keep your audience interested in your services long after you bring them in as a patient. It will help you build and enhance your practice's awareness and grow your physical therapy business.

By employing this strategy, you will change how your patients interact with your physical therapy business by opening more communication channels. These will help enhance the patient's relationship while enhancing your physical therapy business' awareness.

Although many consider social media marketing a trivial aspect of revenue generation, it is still a crucial aspect of your inbound marketing strategy. As a platform that helps improve your business processes, social media will help improve the demand for your business. If you're looking to turn your physical therapy clinic into a FYZICAL location, talk to us here. We work with existing physical therapy business owners to help them to achieve their goals! 

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