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3 Important Reasons to Have Online Listings for Your Physical Therapy Business

As you run your practice (or plan to open one), you need to think about how to increase visibility online as much as possible for your potential physical therapy patients. Apart from your website, blogs, relevant content creation, and online ads, it's essential to have your business listed in online directories. Online business listings keep you relevant in today's medical marketplace and direct potential patients to your practice.

What is an Online Listing?

Simply put, an online listing is the presence of your physical therapy practice's relevant details online. Business listings are popular business directory websites, like Google Business Listings, Online Yellow pages, Social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn), and Yelp. Ensuring that your business isn't just listed but listed accurately and consistently across all platforms is imperative.

Many business listing directories require four basic details: your business name, contact information, location, and business website. Other advanced business directories allow you to add more details of your practice, such as images, hours of operation, and the ability to receive customer reviews. Ensure that you have proper information management on your business listings and that your business details are accurate, consistent across all directories, and constantly up to date. 

Why are Online Listings Important?

1. It Increases the Visibility of Your Practice

The primary purpose of listing your physical therapy business online is to make your practice visible and drive traffic to your clinic. Each time you update your listings and create new ones, you increase the likelihood of being found online. Many of these business directories share data among themselves, so you need to strive to be as consistent as possible across your listings to improve your business's credibility.

Your customers are less likely to trust you as a provider if they can't find information about you or your clinic online.

2. It Improves Your SEO Value

As search engines scour the internet for information, they look for the most mentioned businesses, which they place on the front page of relevant search results. Keep your business details as consistent as possible across all listings since even a slight variation in your business details will hurt your credibility and tank your SEO ranking.

Business listings are a great way to boost your SEO position and increase your physical therapy clinic's online visibility. 75% of search engine users may not go past the first page looking for your clinic. Your accurate and consistent listings across all directories will increase your chances of being found on the first page.

3. You Can Benefit from Online Reviews

One great thing about online listings is the ability to get honest business reviews from past clients. A large amount of positive feedback will improve your visibility since search engines will see your listing as trustworthy and show it to other potential customers.

It's crucial for your physical therapy business to manage reviews, whether positive or negative. It would be suspicious if your business listing has been around for a while and had no negative reviews. Reviews allow your clients to communicate with you and show you what you're doing well and areas you can improve on.

Honest reviews create a sense of transparency for prospective patients. Most prospective patients will trust your business reviews more than the information provided in your listings. 88% of potential patients view online reviews with the same weight as face-to-face recommendations, while 95% of your prospective patients will read your reviews before deciding to visit your practice.

We Can Help

To learn more about how private practice owners maintain 100% ownership of their practice while accessing the best business support for physical therapy private practitioners, contact FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers.


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