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Cultivating Exceptional Leadership in your Physical Therapy Practice

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is proud to spotlight some of the remarkable experts who bring a distinctive mix of skills, dedication, and passion to our organization. Meet Dr. RJ Williams, physical therapist and FYZICAL Franchise Regional Consultant. RJ has played a vital role in navigating FYZICAL franchisees through the complex realms of business operations and healthcare management. With his expert coaching, he empowers them to achieve unparalleled success through transformative leadership techniques.

We sat down with RJ to talk about his role at FYZICAL and learn how he helps franchisees recruit and retain outstanding leaders for their physical therapy practices.



Why is good leadership in your physical therapy practice critical?

Answer: What a question with so many possible answers! Here are a few thoughts.

Outstanding leadership is critical because it makes everything else easier. When a leader holds a standard of excellence, it attracts top talent, and high performers want to work alongside them. This, in turn, makes recruiting easier and improves patient outcomes. 

Most outpatient practices live and die by their reputation. That reputation is determined by the patients' experience dealing with the team at the center. The leadership sets the tone for that. Is the team well-trained and dialed in to take amazing care of people and address the concerns and unspoken needs at a level that creates raving fans? 

Managing costs against productivity is also essential. It is a tightrope to walk the line between driving numbers versus taking the fun out of daily patient care. A great leader understands the financial implications of running a business and helps the team rise to meet/exceed expectations, but never allows it to feel like a dollar sign is printed on the patient coming through the door. 

What are some ways that you can attract leaders/achievers in your practice?

Answer: It is important to create a shared commitment, an alignment on goals, and opportunities that facilitate the same end. If you want to grow the business and someone is looking for advancement, growth can create that opportunity. So, being actively involved and helping the company meet its goals is key to moving forward.

The company must then hold its word to advance the individual. Then, point to this process as an example to others that the two go hand in hand. 

It also allows people to own specific parts of their jobs. Let them lead smaller tasks/projects/teams to build their skill sets and prove their capabilities. Small wins continuously produce long-term success and support the chance of future success. Balance_024-1

What are some of the pitfalls of subpar leaders?

Answer: The saying goes: people don't leave jobs; they leave bad managers. Poor leadership can produce many consequences, such as increased employee turnover and disengagement from the job. Also, when patients aren't satisfied, it leads to increased cancellation and no-show rates of appointments and early self-discharge from care. Finally, it can lead to poor financial performance, stagnated growth, and development of the organization.

How do you find the ideal team player?

Answer: We always love to start with the three virtues of the ideal team player: humble, hungry, and emotionally smart.

Look for people who have the drive and motivation to accomplish things without steamrolling over teammates to get results. They should also be able to share credit when due, be comfortable with letting others shine alongside them, and be sensitive and aware of the people around them to respond appropriately in various situations.

It's also beneficial to involve multiple perspectives during the hiring process. How someone interacts with you may differ from their interactions with individuals of varying professional levels, genders, age groups, beliefs, etc. Engaging others to review and provide input on candidates enhances the selection process.
Why is it important to challenge your employees?

Answer: When you challenge your employees, you can accomplish great things. 
If you consider any time in your life that you went through adversity, you feel shaped by the journey. While workplace challenges should be manageable and not overwhelming, they should motivate individuals to strive for personal growth and improvement continuously.
A culture that accepts that there is a difference between failing and being a failure is open to growth. You will only be successful with some things you attempt, but that is the process of innovation and development. Having a comfortable success rate with a few misses now and then shows you are trying to progress. If you aren't failing, you aren't developing, and the routine gets boring after some time. You and your people need to be excited about what happens in your walls. Appropriate challenge helps make that a reality. 
Anything else you'd like to add?
Answer: Recognize that being the best physical therapist does not necessarily translate to being the best leader. Roles require different skill sets, such as Michael Jordan leaving the court to coach from the sidelines. Assigning an excellent employee a less engaging role can lower productivity and dampen motivation. Responsibilities such as drafting meeting agendas, analyzing budgets, and ensuring productivity differ significantly from patient care, highlighting that only some teachers are suited to become school principals.
Thank you for your time. 
Key Takeaways:
  • Outstanding leadership is crucial as it simplifies operations, attracts top talent, and fosters a culture of excellence, resulting in improved patient outcomes.
  • Shared commitment, aligned goals, and growth opportunities are vital for progress. Active involvement and supporting the company in achieving its objectives are keys to moving forward.
  • The ideal team player drives and motivates, achieves goals collaboratively, shares credit, empowers others, and demonstrates emotional intelligence in diverse situations.
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