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Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist Partner to Score Success with Multi-Unit Ownership

Entrepreneur Jignesh Domadia and Physical Therapist Jiten Dungarani have created a Master Franchise blueprint to secure multi-unit ownership success in Phoenix, Arizona.

We sat down with Jignesh and Jiten to discuss their unique partnership and how combining strengths enabled them to create a multi-ownership blueprint for success with FYZICAL.

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You have a wealth of experience with different franchise brands. How did you decide that FYZICAL would be your next success story?

Jignesh: I was receiving physical therapy treatment, and my own successful treatment led me to consider becoming part of the healthcare industry. I have years of business experience in other industries. However, my decision to pursue this industry results from my personal success story with physical therapy. I wanted someone with physical therapy experience to be my partner in this, so I contacted Jiten. 

Jiten (PT): I had not planned on opening a FYZICAL clinic until I heard about it. I've been in physical therapy for over ten years, and FYZICAL's 1-on-1 care doesn't happen in an ordinary outpatient setup. Jignesh asked if I'd like to open a clinic, and I replied that I'd be interested, possibly a few years from now. He said, "How about 3-5 clinics in a year?" We decided on roles and learned how to grow in no time, and we're not done. 

What aspects of FYZICAL were appealing vs. other franchises?

Jignesh:  I liked that FYZICAL is truly a low-cost franchise. With the attractive investment, affordable equipment, fewer construction costs, and smaller 2,000-square-foot space, FYZICAL is a quicker build. You can see this with over 500+ locations across the U.S. I wanted to be a part of their incredible growth, so we started with one clinic, and being a businessman, I was looking to scale. 

mhollerFyzical022020_07Jiten (PT): Being able to provide 1-on-1 care is really what attracted me to the model. FYZICAL's proprietary Balance and Vestibular Program was also important - I knew their holistic approach to treating patients and cutting-edge therapies could help patients who suffer from balance and dizziness. Their Safety Overhead Support system also intrigued me, and after learning more, I knew FYZICAL could truly help me make a difference in my patients' lives. 

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You have a unique partnership. How did you find each other, and how did you form your partnership?

Jignesh: I was looking to partner with someone in the healthcare business sector. I have experience in franchising and wanted to pursue the booming healthcare industry. I found that Jiten was a physical therapist, so I felt the businessman/physical therapist partnership could be a great fit.

Jiten (PT): I was looking to leave the clinical side and work in a business, and Jignesh came to me and asked if I'd like to partner with him and work together to grow and scale clinics in the physical therapy industry. It was perfect - I could use my physical therapy knowledge and help expand the business. I thought we would open one in one or two years, but in the first few months with FYZICAL, we learned that we have the systems and processes available to grow and scale in no time. Our partnership is unique, and FYZICAL is a unique model for physical therapy practices. 

Jiten and Jignesh: Partners in clinic development with  FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

How does the partnership work on a day-to-day basis?

Jignesh: There are two roles: businessman and physical therapist. We discussed responsibilities and how to make the business successful as a partnership. I handle aspects that I'm familiar with, like location, construction, leasing, bank loans, and payroll. Jiten manages clinic setup, demographics, marketing, and patient referrals. But we work together as a team to accomplish our goals and have conversations across both roles to make decisions. 

Jiten (PT): We have our own responsibilities and know what they are. We each stay on top of those, and the business continues to grow. We don't feel we need to check up on each other. However, we're always helping each other with overall business decisions, and we each understand each other's roles so we can communicate well and make decisions together. 

What attributes did you look for in a partner?

Jignesh: I was looking for someone with some business knowledge or the courage to learn the business. An open mind is essential. Jiten has many years of physical therapy experience and is very eager to learn. He teaches me, and I teach him. It makes for a great partnership.

Jiten (PT): I knew if I was going to open a clinic, I wanted to work with someone with a lot of business experience. When Jignesh came into the picture, I knew he had an extensive portfolio where he knew how to handle business aspects I needed to familiarize myself with. Together in just seven months, we opened three clinics. I learned a lot from Jignesh – what to look for in location, managing the lease, and construction - things that I would not have known if I had done this by myself.

"Partnering with this brand has been nothing but success. FYZICAL is one of the most successful, leading brands in the physical therapy industry."

     -Jignesh Domadia, Entrepreneur and FYZICAL Master Franchisee

Each of you brings different components to the partnership. Can you explain more in-depth how that helps the partnership succeed?

Jiten (PT):  We opened our Chandler, Arizona, clinic in June, Paradise Valley in November, and Tempe in December. When we toured each clinic, I looked inside for functionality and demographic potential, and Jignesh looked at the building, foot traffic, and visibility. Being new to business development, I didn't know these terms before, so having that partnership was a huge advantage. We each brought different strengths to the table, which helped expedite the process. Our individual responsibilities are equally as crucial as the team process. 

Jignesh: Business is an understanding of each other. Both partners are new, and we helped each other understand that during this process, it's critical to work together. Mistakes can happen, but we learn from those as we go. We have different talents that we each bring to the table and have things we each want, but we work as a team to make them happen. 

Let's discuss how this partnership played a role in your multi-ownership success versus owning a single clinic.

Jiten (PT): Partnering together has been the biggest driving force in opening multiple clinics in quick succession. It's a combined role, but we have separate responsibilities. Our marketing dollars can be scaled across multiple clinics, and our business ideas - for example, increasing patient referrals - can be spread across all our clinics. With each new clinic opening, the process becomes more familiar. We constantly ask ourselves, "How can we grow even faster?"

Jignesh: This partnership works because together, we achieve more. An individual can open one clinic, but when you have a partner, you each have unique skills that allow you to move more quickly. The partnership and FYZICAL are critical to our success. We have a great brand supporting us. Your success is unlimited when you have a great businessman, physical therapist, and brand.

"If your goals align, then your stars will align." 

 -Jiten Dungarani, Physical Therapist and FYZICAL Master Franchisee

How has FYZICAL played a role in your success?

Jignesh: I've been in franchising for 20 years and never had a franchise support me as FYZICAL does. They are highly resourceful and help us minimize our expenses, which is one reason I love this franchise so much. If you want to grow and scale a healthcare business, FYZICAL is where you need to be. It's not about today; it’s about the future. The brand is phenomenal. FYZICAL brings innovation and learning experiences that don't happen often. Partnering with this brand has been nothing but success. FYZICAL is one of the most successful, leading brands in the physical therapy industry.

Jiten (PT): The brand and the partnership are what's helping to drive our success. We have goals for our business, but this would never have been possible without FYZICAL. The brand is phenomenal, and the support is unmatched in the industry. This partnership allowed us to come together and create a pathway to achieve our goals. 

FYZICAL Clinic Interior with Balance overhead rails, harness, CDP machine, parallel bars and various physical therapy equipment

Would you recommend a partnership in this business?

Jiten (PT): A partner is essential if you aim to open multiple locations or want to scale faster with fewer locations. You can take on separate roles and focus on multiple locations because of those designated roles. FYZICAL offers that platform, and you do not need considerable investment. You can go into this process and plan to scale versus needing to invest a lot upfront and then recover, which could take longer. With FYZICAL and this partnership, it's easier than doing this solo.

Jignesh: A partnership makes this easier because we each fulfill our individual roles. Doctors and physical therapists don't have time to look at construction because they have patients. As a businessman, I have the knowledge and the time to work on those things. The value of your business is higher with four, five, or six clinics versus one clinic, and a partnership makes that possible. I'd recommend finding a good business partner and moving quickly.

"I've been in franchising for 20 years and never had a franchise support me like FYZICAL does."

   -Jignesh Domadia, Entrepreneur and FYZICAL Master Franchisee

What have you each learned from each other?

Jiten (PT):  I have learned quite a few things from Jignesh, most importantly, how to run a proper business and what it takes to run a business. That's been eye-opening. Running a business requires a different set of responsibilities. I’ve learned from him to take one step at a time, think about what you’re doing, and be in the process. Jignesh has helped me every step of the way. It's been life-changing to come into clinic ownership in this way.

Jignesh: I've learned a lot about physical therapy - many aspects of this business are very new to me - such as insurance, credentialing, and how patients are so crucial to the business. The beauty of it is I learn from him, and he learns from me. Having a partner like Jiten has been invaluable.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Franchise

What are your future growth plans?

Jignesh: We both know the future will be bright if we continue doing this, and we also know that if we want to retire in the next 5-7 years, we can. We are growing day by day. We have a unique bond that contributes to all our success.

Jiten (PT):   Our goal is to open 6-8 clinics by the end of the year and scale up to 10-15 clinics in the next 3-5 years. As Master Franchisees, we'd like to open 25 or more. But it's only possible with this phenomenal brand and this partnership. Without Jignesh, I would never have considered this type of goal. It's not about today; it's about the future. FYZICAL offers the platform for success. They bring innovation, experience, and learning experiences, and that doesn't happen that often. Joining FYZICAL has brought nothing but success.

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