Open a Physical Therapy Practice

How to Open a Physical Therapy Practice of Your Own

Are you considering starting your own physical therapy practice? If you’re a new physical therapist, this process can seem daunting. There’s a lot to consider, from finding a location to purchasing equipment to building a client base. Many new physical therapists put this off because they’re intimidated by the idea of being in business for themselves and by themselves. FYZICAL presents a unique solution to this challenge. We have years of experience in running physical therapy clinics and are committed to guiding new practitioners through the process of opening their practices. Learn about some of the most valuable support we provide.

Establishing Efficient Processes

As a physical therapist, there’s no doubt that you know how to provide quality care to your patients. But it’s the business processes you implement behind the scenes that can make or break your new business. As you research how to open a physical therapy practice, consider things like:

  • How will I bill for my services?
  • What billing codes are best for each provider?
  • How will I train new employees in their roles?
  • What tasks will my office staff be responsible for?
  • How can I acquire and maintain reliable referral sources?

FYZICAL has established systems for all of these considerations and more. We’ll give you the tools you need to achieve your goals so that you can hit the ground running as a new practice owner.

Networking with Physicians

You already know that referrals are a significant part of every physical therapy business, so getting your name out to the physicians in your area is crucial. They’ll be the ones directing patients to your business, so they should have an essential understanding of what treatments you’re able to provide. FYZICAL knows how to connect with physicians, ensuring that you’ll have multiple reliable referral sources.

Effective Marketing

Referrals aren’t the only way you’ll be getting new business, so you’ll also need to build your reputation in the community. When you start your own physical therapy practice, one of the first things you should do is start a marketing campaign to introduce yourself and your services to your community.

But what channels should you choose? How much should you spend? What messages should you convey? FYZICAL can help you figure out the answers to all of these questions. We’ve helped our partners launch and manage countless marketing campaigns, in addition to our corporate efforts, to build up awareness of their practices.

Your Dedicated Partner

The best thing about starting your own physical therapy practice with FYZICAL is that you never need to worry about being on your own. Our team is there to support you while you set up your business; and after you open your doors. You know how to provide outstanding care, and we know how to build a strong practice! When we team up, great things will happen.

Contact FYZICAL today to learn more about what it takes to become one of our partners.

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