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Top 5 Reasons Physical Therapy Practice Owners Join FYZICAL

If you are a physical therapy practice owner, you know that reputation is everything. Having ties to a reputable, nationally recognized franchise elevates your clinic perception and gets you more business in the process. Partnering with FYZICAL has numerous benefits. Here are the top five reasons most physical therapy practice owners join the FYZICAL community.

1. Grow Your Physical Therapy Practice

At FYZICAL, we have a six-step business model designed to grow your business to the next level. These steps include:

  • Business efficiencies and enhancement
  • Addition of cash-based products and services
  • Implementing a process to track and manage referrals and their sources
  • Building a business that allows you to treat when you want to, not because you have to
  • Shifting to a business model that is less reliant on insurance
  • Helping you to effectively market and differentiate your practice

2. You Get Help with Running Your Business

While most physical therapists in private practice are outstanding clinicians, they can struggle with the business aspect of their practices. The FYZICAL franchise empowers and guides you in implementing proven processes and systems, like our Daily 10-Point Management System, and understanding and applying vital statistics to achieve business goals. This way, you can concentrate on your core competencies, like your patient care expertise. We help you with marketing strategies and methodologies, as well as turn key campaigns and content, strategies for increasing your referrals and referral network, as well as teaching you how to apply the best strategies in business management, and much more.

3. Excellent Business Opportunity

In 2018, the physical therapy industry was valued at $34.5 billion, up by 6.2% in 2017. The total market growth projection is a 6.2% annual average expected to hit $45.7 billion by 2023. Demand for physical therapy will continue to rise with an aging population that may hit 77 million by 2034. There is also a need for more physical therapy with joint replacement surgery and sports injuries – the need for your services as a private practice owner will continue to increase, but have you made a plan to combat declining insurance reimbursement so you can continue to be profitable well into the future? FYZICAL can help you with that! 

4. Largest Network of Private Practice Physical Therapists

One of the biggest reasons that practice owners choose FYZICAL is for the opportunity to be part of the largest network of PT private practice owners in the United States. Our PT community is an invaluable resource where you are able to find answers to any question, big or small, solutions for unique patient presentations, and strategic advice. With more than 430 open locations, and over 2000 physical therapists and physical therapy assistants – you’ll have access to some of the industry’s most experienced practitioners.

5. Process Transparency

There are over 430 FYZICAL franchise locations across the entire U.S. We have the transition down to a science with a transparent and straightforward process with a few stages.  The first step is the initial inquiry, where you get all the details about becoming a FYZICAL practice and the benefits. Step two is the consultation call that goes deeper to find out your goals and dive into your areas of opportunity within your business.  Want to know where you have opportunity for growth or efficiency? This is when you find out. Step three is a ZOOM call and webinar, you’ll get an up-close look at how FYZICAL helps PT practices run smoothly.

By now you are sure if you want to go on. You get an FDD (franchise disclosure document) that you review for at least two weeks, and you’ll also have the chance to speak with current FYZICAL owners who have transitioned their practice to FYZICAL.  Learn about their experience, and ask them anything! The fifth step is discovery day, hosted either online or in person. You look closer at the FYZICAL business model and get to meet the FYZICAL leadership team and hear directly how they will help you once you become a part of the FYZICAL family. 

Finally, you can sign your agreement. You get tons of business and clinical training and participate in support programs to help you get on your feet and onboard most effectively. This is only the beginning of a long partnership where you will get continual support in every area you need!

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