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Competition in Physical Therapy: How to Stand Out in the Crowd

Jan 31, 2018 9:08:00 AM

Private practice physical therapy is always in high demand, but there is still a great deal of competition.

As a private practice owner, not only are you competing with major hospitals and PT corporations but also with other private practice owners in your area. It can be frustrating trying to stand out in a crowd of physical therapists.

Even if your schedule is full, competition is not something you can ignore. There may come a time when you lose some of your patients to a neighboring PT, or you may desire rapid growth of your business. If you want to retain your patients and continue to grow your business, you need to stay focused on staying ahead of your competition.

Here’s how to stand out in the crowd:

Maintain relationships with your existing patients

It’s surprising how many PTs discharge their patients and say goodbye to them. As a PT, discharge is necessary, but as a business person, you should never say goodbye!

You’ve built relationships with your current patients, it’s important you see them through and follow up. Even after discharge, keep in touch with your patients in any way possible. This may include following up with a phone call, emailing an online survey, sending them notes or newsletters in the mail, and so much more.

While these are some simple strategies to maintaining these relationships, there is actually an entire business model dedicated to creating lifetime relationships with you patients, click here to see.

If you give your patients a great experience and maintain the relationship you’ve created with them, they will be more likely to come back in the future if they need therapy again and they will most likely recommend you to their friends and family. Don’t underestimate these folks – they can be your biggest cheerleaders!

You provide the best care in town – show it!

Selling the community on the value of your care is the key to standing out amongst all the other PTs in your community. You may have a specialty that others don’t, or perhaps your hours are more convenient for people with 9 to 5 jobs. Whatever sets you apart and makes you the best, tell people about it!

You can also showcase your skills and expertise by hosting events or educational seminars, either at your location or somewhere in your community. If you offer valuable tips and education on health and wellness, your community will trust your expertise over the next PT’s because they will have witnessed it for themselves.

Never stop marketing your business

Marketing should always be done consistently in a variety of avenues. Constant marketing will keep your business top of mind. People can’t come to you if they haven’t heard of you.

It’s all about sharing valuable content with your audience. Whether it’s through your website, social media, events, direct mail, physician liaison office visits or radio ads, provide important information about your services in a way that attracts positive attention. It’s all about reminding your audience that you’re there, and you’re the best!

Provide a service that is severely lacking in this industry

There are so many things you can do to stand out, the best of which is to provide a specialty that is severely undertreated.

One way to guarantee you stand out in your community is by becoming an expert in balance and vestibular dysfunctions.

Imbalanced and dizzy patients are already be in your waiting room, and you may not necessarily want to treat these patients or know how to heal them completely. Being the great therapist that you are, you have the opportunity to advance your training and become the answer for these dizzy patients. Not to mention, you would gain a huge advantage on the competition in your area as this population is vastly underserved.

Click here to learn more about adding balance to your practice.


Written by FYZICAL

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