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Setting the Standard: Top Physical Therapy Franchise Redefining Patient-Centered Care

Shondra Pistone, Senior Vice President of FYZICAL Company Clinics, is transforming patient-centered care with a forward-thinking strategy that places people – patients, employees, and communities - at the forefront of her well-being solutions.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers has stood as the epitome of distinction in the physical therapy franchise space for over a decade, establishing itself as the leader in the industry and the #1 Physical Therapy Franchise. 

Its trailblazing therapies, holistic and personalized approach to treatment, unparalleled support system, and acclaimed #1 Balance Program have been the cornerstones of its commitment to elevating the standards in physical therapy and patient care.


FYZICAL has seen astronomical growth in the U.S. - 550 locations across 46 states - and continues to dominate as the leading physical therapy franchise.

People seek innovative therapies, cutting-edge treatments, and an individualized approach to medicine. And FYZICAL is delivering. Last quarter yielded the highest net promoter score in its history, the gold standard for patient satisfaction.

As the baby boomer generation gracefully transitions into Medicare, FYZICAL holds the strategic position as the industry pioneer poised to redefine the standards of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape.

At the heart of FYZICAL’s thriving healthcare enterprise is a leader whose unwavering commitment to patient-centered care takes center stage in its approach to health and wellness.

Shondra Pistone, Senior Vice President of FYZICAL Company Clinics, is redefining patient care with a forward-thinking strategy that places people – patients, employees, and communities - at the forefront of her well-being solutions, paving the way for a healthier and more transformative future for clinics and communities everywhere. Orthopedic_025

And it’s delivering positive outcomes across the board. 

Her visionary frameworks for FYZICAL’s 60 Company-owned clinics have bolstered FYZICAL’s Net Promoter Score to its highest score in its history and set a benchmark for excellence in the healthcare industry. 

"When Shondra joined FYZICAL, she brought over 15 years of experience leading and uniting teams. It didn't take long before her magic touch began to drive the organization toward greater success," said Craig Zettergren, Vice President of FYZICAL’s Company-owned Clinics. “She focuses her leadership on our teams, motivating them and providing the best service we can. She is uplifting.”

"If you drive people, you don't have to drive the numbers."

-Shondra Pistone, SVP, Company Clinics, FYZICAL

Care Team Redesign

Professionally, physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) strive to significantly influence and improve patients’ lives through well-being and treatment, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.

Pistone saw how the current system made those goals challenging: clinicians saw various patients daily, often introducing new and alternate treatment plans, and felt unfulfilled as a fragment of a patient's health journey. FYZICAL Balance Differentiator

“When I was out in the field, I asked them what their biggest dissatisfaction was as a clinician,” Pistone said. “They all said lack of continuity of care with their patients.” 

Pistone quickly changed that. Focusing on people-focused metrics, she introduced the care team model, assigning a dedicated care team to each patient for their physical therapy journey. 

Providing a single, committed care team from start to finish for each patient promotes relationship-building, consistency, clear communication, understanding, trust, and rapport between clinicians and patients.

“Patients are central to everything we do,” said Pistone. "But to keep them the top priority, we had to refocus our team around the patient."

It was a pivotal move for the franchise. FYZICAL became the only physical therapy franchise whose company-owned clinics implemented a care team model, and the franchise saw prominent outcomes in every respect. 

Clinician Benefits

Pistone strategically curated her care teams, integrating clinicians with varied skill sets, and did it with good reason: to foster mutual growth and collaboration. According to Pistone, all team members benefit from a knowledge network. Seasoned clinicians can mentor younger ones, while younger clinicians - drawing from diverse experiences with various PTs in their careers – can share their insights and new perspectives.

“I wanted to create care teams with various specialties, so the team’s collaborative knowledge base grows to support the clinic and patients,” said Pistone.

The redesigned model also nurtures career growth opportunities. Physical therapists look to advance their careers by taking on care team leadership roles. Younger clinicians learn through teamwork and partnership without feeling intimidated. 

“That one-on-one collaborative education, learning through conversation versus being taught, is a way to learn from one another without feeling vulnerable.” CCS_002

Pistone emphasized the importance of active collaboration between her team and the care teams across FYZICAL's 60 Company-owned Clinics. This collaborative approach focused on building and sharing knowledge, which also aided Pistone's team in understanding the specific needs of each individual clinic. 

“In the past, we were trying to run the same business model in every region,” said Zettergren. “Listening to the needs of the clinics/region and making small changes that make everyone happy is the key.”

The new care team model also helps increase numbers. 

“You’d think that would reduce your revenue,” said Pistone. “It actually has increased our number of patients and revenue. We have more patients coming in and fewer no-shows,” she said. “The patients are encouraged by their entire care team, cheering them on, and they understand the importance of coming in.”

Pistone is gearing up to roll out profit-sharing opportunities for PTs and PTAs, a profit-based incentive program that measures a clinician’s productivity. Pistone feels they've earned it, and it allows them to align their goals with the company's objectives.

“They deserve to be paid for their skill set,” she said. “Their hands are so valuable, their minds are so valuable, and they often forget that. They deserve to be rewarded for what they do.”

"Patients are at the center of everything we do." 

- -Shondra Pistone, SVP, Company Clinics, FYZICAL

Patient Perks

According to Pistone, a positive patient experience is critical to helping individuals commit to treatment plans and improve their health.

“When patients make an appointment, we assign them a care team,” said Pistone. “They receive a bio on each care team member, and they know they are going to see typically one of two or three people that know,” she said. “An emotional connection is made.” Orthopedic_010

The emotional connection pays off. 

Patients build trust with their clinicians. They benefit from a dedicated care team familiar with their medical history, allowing targeted treatment based on the patient’s evolving needs. They actively participate in decisions about rehabilitation through weekly goal setting. 

Additionally, physical therapy requires a unique connection between clinician and patient that plays a pivotal role in patient experience.

“Physical therapy is very intimate,” said Pistone. “This is one specialty in healthcare where an individual is touching you – so that connection with that clinician or that team is important to patients.” 

And touch is essential. Studies have shown that people bond through human touch. Touch also helps regulate sleep and digestion, build immune systems, and fight infections. The frequency of touch decreases with age, and connections between clinician and patient are critical for maintaining good health and longevity.

Net Promoter Success

While a physical therapy clinic’s success can be measured through multiple diverse indicators, such as clinical efficiency, revenue growth, referral rates, compliance and quality metrics, the primary gauge of physical therapy success hinges on patient outcomes.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer satisfaction survey that provides insight into the patient’s experience with the brand, directly influences patient retention. A patient’s perspective of your practice's performance ranges between an overall score ranging from –100 to 100. 

Scores above 0 are considered good, and scores surpassing 50 are considered excellent.

FYZICAL’s most recent NPS was the highest score in the company’s history at an outstanding 90, indicating extraordinary patient satisfaction, sustained business success, and phenomenal customer retention and referrals. A number this high is almost unheard of in business. Balance_024

In comparison, the average NPS score for the Healthcare industry is 45.

Pistone’s people-focused approach has led to a three-pronged outcome for patients, directly influencing that score: they feel connected to their clinicians through consistency, improve their health by completing their care plan, and are pleased with their overall treatment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

“It’s important that your patients want to come back because your outcomes are measured by how they feel,” said Pistone. “At FYZICAL, they feel good mentally and physically and feel taken care of. Patients are at the center of everything we do.”

“Shondra embodies FYZICAL’s motto, Love Your Life!” said CEO Brian Belmont. “Her passion for helping others transcends every aspect of our business – our team, our communities, and most importantly, our patients. Through her leadership, our Company-owned Clinics are breaking records for visits, referrals, and patient satisfaction.”

Pistone’s patient satisfaction blueprint underscores FYZICAL’s commitment to the industry, its franchisees, and patient-centered care. And Pistone is reshaping the way FYZICAL cares for patients. 

“Why are they the best practices in the industry?” asks Zettergren. “Having a seasoned leader is key. She brings her leadership experience in a calming manner to allow our teams to succeed. She strives for each colleague to produce at the highest level every day.” 

Are you ready to be part of a proven franchise and tap into FYZICAL's results-driven marketing strategies? Contact FYZICAL today! 



About FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers stands at the forefront of the health and wellness industry as the nation's fastest-growing physical therapy franchise, boasting an extensive network of over 550 locations that span across 46 states. Committed to a holistic approach, FYZICAL provides top-notch, personalized care plans to treat patients of all ages experiencing muscle, joint, and neurological conditions, including balance and vestibular issues. For more information about FYZICAL or to find the nearest location, visit



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