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Start Your Own Healthcare Business with a Plan: 3 Reasons to Franchise

Jan 21, 2021 3:49:07 PM

Are you interested in starting your own healthcare business but aren’t sure where to begin? You could be a great candidate to make a franchise investment with FYZICAL. Many people don’t realize that FYZICAL is a franchise system because we’re remarkably flexible. Not all of our locations are the same, and our partners are free to offer the services that are in the highest demand in their communities. Although we’re different from many franchises, partnering with FYZICAL allows you to unlock a whole host of benefits. Let’s review a few of the major perks.

#1. A Proven System

FYZICAL isn’t like other franchises for many reasons. While we regularly open new locations from scratch, we also work with physical therapists who already have their own practices to make them more profitable. We do that by streamlining systems behind the scenes, adding new services, revamping marketing and patient referrals, and much more. These practitioners love us because they’re able to continue running their own businesses, but far more effectively than before.

We apply these same strategies to partners who start their own healthcare businesses from scratch. For these investment partners, we offer comprehensive support throughout the startup process, in addition to our proven operational systems. When you contact us, ask for more information on how much our investment partners have historically earned. The results will really surprise you!

#2. Comprehensive Startup Support

Aren’t sure exactly how to go about starting your own healthcare business? That’s okay; we’ve done this before – over 400 times to be exact! All of our experience starting new locations has allowed us to develop a suite of resources that simplifies the process for franchisees. A few examples include support with:

  • real estate
  • marketing
  • location build-out
  • lease negotiations
  • practice design

We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and will help ensure that nothing is overlooked as you start your own healthcare business.

#3. Strong Brand Support

One of the best reasons to choose a well-established franchise like FYZICAL is brand recognition. With hundreds of locations open across the U.S., we’ve already helped countless patients. Their positive reviews and word of mouth mean that many people are already familiar with FYZICAL and our reputation for doing great work. This strong reputation is an immediate benefit to our franchisees when they open their doors.

Along these lines, we invest in corporate marketing efforts to promote our brand on a large scale, this, in addition to the marketing efforts partners like you will employ in their specific practices. This approach helps to spread awareness about FYZICAL across numerous channels, generating a heightened buzz about your new business and helping you find more clients.

These are just a few of the benefits of franchising with FYZICAL. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer our franchise partners!

Dustin Thompson
Written by Dustin Thompson

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