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Grow Your Physical Therapy Business Without Sacrificing Your Independence

Sep 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Are you ready to get serious about growing your physical therapy business? The physical therapy industry is booming, with a higher demand than ever for qualified practitioners. However, many physical therapists have found their business growth has stagnated, even though they offer quality care. That’s where FYZICAL comes in: we can help you increase your business without sacrificing any control as an independent practitioner! Learn how below.

What Does FYZICAL Do?

FYZICAL is an innovative physical therapy brand that incorporates balance, occupational therapy, orthopedic therapy, sports therapy, balance therapy and other services into our model. Our comprehensive program allows physical therapists to streamline their operations while also finding more patients. For years, physical therapists have turned to us for help growing their businesses.

We understand that many physical therapists spend years building their practices, and it’s important that they remain in full control of their businesses. FYZICAL lets practitioners keep that control of their physical therapy businesses but allow them to utilize our entire suite of resources to implement new programs, business optimization strategies, and other vital pieces to grow their practices.

How Can FYZICAL Help You?

FYZICAL is projected to have 500+ locations and 50+ strategic partnerships by the end of 2020. These strategic partnerships help us keep every FYZICAL location running efficiently with valuable discounts on equipment, products, and services, and can even help simplify the management of electronic medical records. Our brand power leads to major savings for the more than 2,000 physical therapists in our network.

And while the FYZICAL team is always here for guidance and support, our network members often turn to each other for help, to ask questions, and share ideas. Either way, our physical therapists never have to solve problems on their own. This spirit of teamwork helps everyone in the FYZICAL family to grow their clinics.

Other key benefits of joining FYZICAL include:

  • Assistance with marketing your practice and website assistance
  • The reputation and buying power of the FYZICAL brand name
  • Streamlined billing, payroll, and operations
  • Methods to build a wealthy exit strategy
  • Help with finding new and hidden sources of referrals
  • Building new products and services into your practice
  • Ongoing training including continuing education units in areas like pelvic health, the FYZICAL Balance Paradigm, and much more to help you and your team get new certifications

Stay in Control of Your Business

With FYZICAL to help streamline your business practices, you can put more focus on providing quality care and helping your community by offering the products and services your neighbors need. You’ll also be able to maintain the culture and individuality of your own practice without losing ownership or control of your business.

Ready to learn more about what FYZICAL has to offer physical therapists? Contact us today!

Cindy Bercaw
Written by Cindy Bercaw

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