Why FYZICAL Balance is the ONLY Balance

Balance and vestibular dysfunctions are common all over the country, and often these patients get bounced around from doctor to doctor, finally ending up in physical therapy. Unfortunately, most physical therapists still can’t cure these patients.

If it’s not BPPV or acute vertigo – what’s a PT to do? Balance and vestibular is barely touched on in PT school, so unless a therapist has additional education in the specialty, it’s a tough challenge to tackle.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to fully cure a patient (side note: if you’re discharging your acute vertigo patients after 2-3 visits, you’re not really curing them). Patients get more and more frustrated with their imbalance and dizziness because no matter where they go, doctors don’t know what to do.

These challenges demand a solution, and that’s why, years ago, FYZICAL founders set out to create the #1 balance and vestibular program in the world. They accomplished just that and more, with proprietary protocols and methodologies pioneered by balance expert, Brian Werner. Brian’s knowledge and expertise in vestibulopathies is unmatched by any therapist in the world. Now, FYZICAL therapists have the opportunity to take hands-on courses with Brian for free.

FYZICAL clinics are offering something no other physical therapy practice can: balance therapy that works. FYZICAL’s balance and vestibular methodologies are proven and evidenced and patients all over the country are now asking their doctors to go to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. It’s in the name, and it’s in the results.

We can’t give away our secret sauce here, but you can view this free article to see the two ways FYZICAL effectively identifies vestibulopathy dysfunctions.

If you want to learn more about Brian and his methodologies – and why he says “BPPV is for Sissies” – click here for more information!

 See the FYZICAL Balance Paradigm

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