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Improve Your Bottom Line by Marketing Your Physical Therapy Business

Many physical therapists (and other wellness business owners) are so focused on helping others, they aren’t able to apply the same amount of attention towards marketing their practices. However marketing your physical therapy business is the best way to grow and help reach more patients. In this blog, learn more about how marketing can help businesses like yours, and get a sneak peek at some of the services FYZICAL provides our members.

What You Should Know About Marketing Your Physical Therapy Business

The healthcare industry comprises a variety of wellness businesses that are distinctly unique. Therefore, it’s important not to apply one-size-fits-all marketing principles to physical therapy practices. That’s where partnering with FYZICAL can be especially beneficial. We take the time to help you truly understand how to research your market and leverage that information to develop a marketing campaign that’s likely to be more effective.

One key difference between physical therapy clinics and other businesses is that they don’t just need to attract patients directly, they also need to attract physicians who make referrals. FYZICAL understands how to market to doctors and teaches you how to build and nurture relationships with them so they’re more likely to refer patients to your practice.

How Does FYZICAL Improve Marketing Campaigns?

When you become a FYZICAL member you can focus on the big picture - running your practice, while we assess your current marketing outreach and educate you on ways to improve it. A few of the most effective strategies we use include:

  • SEO and other digital marketing services. We’ll help you improve your online presence so that people seeking physical therapy in your community are being directed to your business website. Digital marketing is a great way to manage your practice reputation and establish you as the go-to physical therapy business in your community.
  • Video production. Videos are highly effective in marketing, and as technology advances video marketing is becoming a key component in any digital marketing campaign. In fact, 92% of marketers agree that it’s an important part of their strategy. We know how to produce and distribute videos that draw attention to your practice. The best part is that you can do these videos at very little cost.
  • National efforts. FYZICAL has been a leader in the physical therapy industry since 2013 and has over 400 locations nationwide. We’re always working to promote our brand ourselves, building awareness for our members in their own communities and beyond. From local marketing to national brand awareness, our operations support team is ready with resources to take marketing your physical therapy business to the next level.

These are just a few examples of some strategies we’ll use to invigorate your marketing efforts. Every wellness business is unique. We’ll help you create a custom plan to market your physical therapy business that reflects your community, the services you offer, and your personal goals for growth.

Ready to get serious about marketing your physical therapy practice? Contact FYZICAL to take the first steps towards revitalizing your strategy or download our marketing guides below!

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