Physical Therapist Marketing

Take the Hassle Out of Marketing Your Physical Therapy Practice with the Ultimate Physical Therapy Practice Marketing Toolkit

Marketing your physical therapy practice can be an enormous hassle – maybe you don’t have enough time, or resources, or both! You may have found this article by searching for ‘how to market your physical therapy clinic’ or looking for, ‘easy ways to market my physical therapy practice’, the truth is no physical therapist has enough time in their day to cover all the ways in which they could successfully market their practice, we understand it’s overwhelming to begin the process.  

Our 6-part marketing toolkit contains guides, tip sheets and templates especially for private practice owners to use marketing their clinic.  Increase your referrals, drive new business and increase your collections using the strategies within!  

The Guide to Marketing Your Private Practice -  Learn to evaluate your current marketing performance and set effective goals based on the evaluation.  Discover methods that help you define your target audience and new strategies to market to them. Download your FREE copy now!  

Using Google’s Pay-Per-Click Ads for Your PT Private Practice – Learn how Google Pay-Per-Click Ads help you grow your practice referrals. This platform can provide a wealth of new referrals when leveraged properly. Using this guide, you will understand what Google Pay Per Click Ads are and why you should be using them.  You’ll discover methods to target your ads and how to convert those that are searching for your services into paying customers. See how to identify keywords that will drive referrals directly to your practice. Download your FREE copy here.  

Guide to Social Media Marketing for PT Practice Owners – If you’re seeing your competitors on social media getting results, but you don’t know where to begin, this guide is for you! The sooner you get started the sooner you can start driving referrals to your clinic. In this guide you’ll learn about the three major social networks and 6 key reasons you should use social media to grow your practice. Social media is becoming more vital every day – this handy guide can help you get started -- Download it Here!  

Social Media Content Calendar – Keep up with your social media content with this handy content calendar and user guide! With these tools you can seamlessly execute your social media marketing initiatives – access a content repository to help keep track of your page links and content, and a post schedule for social platforms so you can plan your messages in advance! Get your FREE Social Media Toolkit here!  

3 Ways to Use Google to Drive Referrals to Your Practice  If you’re looking for ways to generate more referrals for your physical therapy practice, look no further.  This tip sheet offers guidance to help you optimize your website for better Google rank. Learn how you claim your Google My Business Page so you can increase your online visibility in search results without additional investment, and you’ll learn how blogs boost your rankings and consequently drive more referrals through your doors.  Get your tip sheet here! 

3 Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Physical Therapy Private Practice  Reviews may be the best kept secret in marketing.  Did you know more than 90% of patients seeking a medical provider look to online reviews first? Use this tip sheet to learn how to attract new patients through online reviews. Learn methods to engage with patients to generate high quality reviews online and get tips on the best practices for managing online reviews – both good and bad! Download our FREE tip sheet here and start building your online reviews immediately!  

At FYZICAL, our operations team understands the significance of staying in front of potential patients and that’s why our members know they can count on our support team to guide them to the most efficient and effective methods of marketing their physical therapy practice.  Our mission is to unite private practice owners through business support, and our team provides the guidance and the tools to help owners reach even their most challenging goals.  

To learn more about how private practice owners maintain 100% ownership of their practice while accessing the best business support for physical therapy private practitioners, contact FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers.  Contact us by clicking here!

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