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6 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our FYZICAL Franchisees

Nov 22, 2018 8:51:00 AM

At the FYZICAL Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, we are always thankful to lead such an incredible organization of hard-working people. Our franchisees make us who we are, and we wouldn’t be revolutionizing physical therapy without them!

FYZICAL is roughly 350 locations strong in the US, and we have over 1000 expert clinicians covering 41 states. We were even recently placed in the Top 5 New Franchises in Entrepreneur!

This Thanksgiving, we want to tell all our franchisees THANK YOU, because you do so much for us! There are a thousand reasons we’re thankful for you, but here are the six main reasons we’re thankful today:

Your victories are our victories

At FYZICAL HQ, our goal is to help you love your life – and we strive to help you reach your goals. You all have blown our expectations out of the water! Your victories – big and small – are extremely rewarding for us to see.

You’re growing your profitability, opening new locations, acquiring other practices and even building family dynasties from the ground up! Your growth is our growth and we’re proud to see you accomplish your goals.

There’s no specialty we don’t cover

Because there are so many practitioners within FYZICAL (from Otolaryngologists and Audiologists to Physical Therapists), there’s no ailment we can’t tackle. Our clinicians come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and join together to learn and improve treatment protocols and enhance patient care.

FYZICAL franchisees are able to tap on other clinicians all over the country for assistance in treatment. Perhaps it’s vestibular challenges, a sports injury or scoliosis – no matter the challenge, someone in our organization is an expert and willing to help.

We have the best peer-to-peer engagement

In addition to sharing treatment protocols and methodologies, our franchisees also take advantage of great peer-to-peer engagement. They share business tips, marketing strategies, or anything related to private practice.

Typically, the PT industry has been very cold and competitive amongst private practice owners, because collaboration was stealing ideas, and ultimately, stealing patients. Now, you don’t have to compete and can lean on others for advice and support.

We’re beating consolidation in PT

Nowadays in PT, if you’re not part of something bigger, you’re going to get eaten up by the hospitals and major corporations. Luckily, FYZICAL franchisees are part of a national brand with the strength and resources of hospitals and corporations but all the autonomy and independence they’ve always enjoyed.

Instead of being consolidated, many of our owners are doing the consolidating.

We’re growing a national brand together

The more the FYZICAL brand grows across the country, the more recognizable we become to the consumer. Patients all over the country are recognizing FYZICAL and know us as THE place for balance therapy and fall prevention.

There’s never been a memorable name in PT, but that’s all changing thanks to you…

We’re helping patients truly love their lives

We’ve seen some of the most incredible patient success stories from all our franchisees. Our advanced treatment protocols and expertise in balance and fall prevention is changing the game for at-risk patients.

Our franchisees aren’t just helping patients recover from injuries, they’re helping them live better lives. Patients are regaining their independence and preventing future injuries through the products and services offered by FYZICAL clinics. FYZICAL franchisees offer the best possible patient care available.


Thank you once again to all our FYZICAL franchisees across the US. You all deserve more praise and recognition than we could ever give! Keep up the good work and we will continue striving to revolutionize healthcare and make a difference in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving from the FYZICAL Family!


(To learn more about how to join FYZICAL, click here to schedule a call with one of our advisors).

Written by FYZICAL

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