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Marketing Excellence: FYZICAL's Director Shares Marketing Strategies for Clinic Owners in Today's Crowded Landscape

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is proud to shed some light on some of the remarkable experts who bring a distinctive mix of skills, dedication, and passion to our organization. Meet Justen English, Director of Marketing at FYZICAL. Justen works tirelessly with FYZICAL's 60 Company-owned Clinics and over 500 franchisees, bringing marketing strategy, initiatives, and support. He stands as a driving force at FYZICAL, whose vision, leadership, and skills make him an integral part of the brand.

We sat down with the Director of Marketing, Justen English, to delve into his role at FYZICAL and gain key insights into the most effective marketing strategies for clinic owners and the ways in which FYZICAL takes a comprehensive, tailored approach to bolster franchisees' marketing initiatives.


Can you tell us about your background and extensive marketing industry experience?

Answer: I've been fortunate to work in healthcare and the physical therapy (PT) industry since 2014, starting as an in-patient rehab therapy tech and weekend scheduling coordinator. After about a year and a half in the in-patient setting, I transitioned to the outpatient setting, joining the privately owned FYZICAL group in Las Vegas as a Referral Coordinator.

Over the next two years, I worked closely with multiple levels of the PT business, from functioning as our Client Care Specialist (CCS) to assisting our DPTs in the clinic as a Rehab Tech to managing our local social media effort.

In 2019, the local group sold to our corporate organization, and I continued work as a FYZICIAN Liaison until moving onto the corporate team as a Marketing Specialist at the start of 2020. Currently, I function as the Director of Marketing for FYZICAL, overseeing the local marketing effort, strategy, and activation of our 60 Company-owned Clinics while supporting a franchisee system of over 500+ locations nationwide.

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Why is it critical to market your physical therapy practice in today's industry?

Answer: Historically, PTs have relied heavily on physician-based referrals from a handful of physicians to drive business into their practices; this is why you've probably seen a lot of PTs sharing clinical space with orthopedic surgeons and practices.

In today's landscape, the market is flooded with competition for consumers and physicians to make their choices regarding the PT practice they refer to. Actively marketing our clinics using various marketing vehicles helps ensure that we are leveraging multiple lead channels to drive patients into our clinics, so we aren't reliant on a single lead stream to nurture our business's health.

Can you explain how FYZICAL approaches marketing with franchisees?

Answer: At FYZICAL, we nurture both a traditional and a modern approach to healthcare marketing. To summarize, our approach is through a holistic effort that encompasses five foundational areas of a local marketing effort - this approach is tied to:

  • the optimization of the website and digital spaces
  • owned media or our ability to communicate directly with our consumers
  • our physician marketing effort
  • our broader community footprint
  • our paid advertising effort
As our VP of Marketing says, "We want our local marketing effort to be firing on all cylinders."
From a traditional lens, we nurture our physician relationships and brand presence in a local medical community through our FYZICIAN Liaison Program and targeted print advertising. 

From a modern approach, we aim to leverage conversations about Direct Access by developing a strong online presence and engaging in targeted digital advertising. We constantly communicate with our past and existing clientele and prioritize healthcare accessibility. This approach is at the forefront of our community effort, ensuring that our nearest neighbors have access to the essential care they require to achieve their desired health goals.

Balance_027What unique support do you provide franchisees to help them succeed?

Answer: Our support varies based on the individual franchisee's needs - some have historic footprints in their local markets, and others are starting from scratch. Regardless of the franchisee's local experience, we will always try and tailor our support to each individual's needs.
There has been continued investment in leveraging the company-owned clinic's marketing effort to trial and test software, strategies, and messaging to fit the needs of our local franchisees. Templates, educational series, and one-on-one coaching are standard for us to level-set, ensuring that we speak the same language before connecting for a more personalized coaching session. Lastly, leveraging an established network of strategic partners at the corporate level has enabled our team to keep current with industry trends while venturing into new development areas, like our in-house option for Client Relationship Management and Email Marketing.
What advice would you give someone who wants to better understand how to market their business in this industry? 

Answer: Marketing is like perfection in the sense that it is never just one thing - it's the sum of many small things that are polished and done well. The best marketing efforts we see in our system have multiple lead channels and revolve around a positive local culture, employee collaboration, and continuous communication (both internal and external). 
Thank you for your time. 
Key Takeaways:
  • Marketing your physical therapy practice in today's setting is critical - physician referrals are no longer enough due to a competitive marketplace. 
  • For optimum marketing results, you must implement various specialized techniques and leverage multiple lead channels to drive patients into clinics.
  • FYZICAL's unparalleled, all-encompassing marketing approach and customized strategies and support help franchisees attain premium-level results. 
Are you ready to be part of a proven franchise and tap into FYZICAL's results-driven marketing strategies? Contact FYZICAL today! 



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