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Treat Balance and Vestibular Patients Effectively [2021]

By FYZICAL on June 30, 2021

The FYZICAL Balance Paradigm 

The road to recovery for balance and vestibular issues can be long, arduous, and often frustrating – for a clinician or patient! Physical therapists are seeing the amount of time spent with patients shortening and reimbursements decreasing at the same time. There is a heightened sense of importance to isolate the root cause and get to the point quickly in treatment. FYZICAL has become known for being the balance expert due to its evidence-based approach to treating people who experience vestibular and balance issues. The problem historically is that there hasn’t been much in the way of peer-reviewed literature to guide treatment, and the treatments outlined are more of a ‘one-size fits most’ approach.

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New Report Calls for More Efforts on Falls Prevention

By FYZICAL on October 25, 2019

The US Senate Select Committee on Aging recently released a new report on falls prevention – bringing forth facts on the elderly population at risk, the macro and micro impacts of falls and the necessary steps to increase fall prevention in the US.

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Why FYZICAL Balance is the ONLY Balance

By FYZICAL on April 17, 2019

Balance and vestibular dysfunctions are common all over the country, and often these patients get bounced around from doctor to doctor, finally ending up in physical therapy. Unfortunately, most physical therapists still can’t cure these patients.

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Why is Balance the Next Big Thing in Otolaryngology?

By FYZICAL on March 12, 2019

First balloons were the big thing, but there is a new service in town revolutionizing the way private practice otolaryngologists serve their patients:

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