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Why is Balance the Next Big Thing in Otolaryngology?

By FYZICAL on Mar 12, 2019 7:57:00 AM

First balloons were the big thing, but there is a new service in town revolutionizing the way private practice otolaryngologists serve their patients:

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Study Finds Balance Therapy Beneficial Even in Patients Up to 99 Years Old

By FYZICAL on Mar 5, 2019 11:06:00 AM

A new research study recently published in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal reveals that balance therapy benefits patients of all ages – even up to 99 years old.

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The Solution that will have you WELCOMING Dizzy Patients into your ENT Practice

By FYZICAL on Sep 25, 2018 3:51:44 PM

"Wait a Minute... You Like Dizzy Patients?!"

As a private practice otolaryngologist, imbalanced and dizzy patients are often sent to see you for help. If you’re like most, these patients can be time consuming and often leave disappointed without answers. On the other hand, there’s a new therapeutic option available for these patients that will leave you filled with joy when balance or dizziness patients come to your practice.

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Balance: The Answer to Increasing Patient Visits AND Hearing Aid Sales?

By FYZICAL on Jun 5, 2018 3:18:23 PM

FYZICAL franchisee and otolaryngologist, Carl Stephenson, has seen tremendous growth in his practice since joining FYZICAL and implementing a Balance Center!

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