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Celebrate and Collaborate with Other Private Practice Owners in Beautiful Las Vegas!

Posted by FYZICAL on Apr 13, 2018 5:06:30 PM

Over 600 private practice owners, business experts and therapists will be coming together to share ideas, work with the newest vendors and hear secrets from industry experts. Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

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Why enter the New Year the same way you ended this year?

Posted by FYZICAL on Dec 29, 2017 7:28:00 AM

Look at your business revenue and personal income, have they both increased phenomenally over the past year?

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The Secret Event at PPS You Hope Your Competitor Doesn’t Attend

Posted by FYZICAL on Nov 2, 2017 8:00:00 AM

For those of you attending PPS in Chicago November 1st – 4th, you can attend an exclusive event, PT Revolution, in congruence with PPS on November 4th that you don’t want to miss… (if seating is still available).

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How to Get the Most Out of AOA This Year

Posted by FYZICAL on Sep 15, 2017 2:47:16 PM

AOA-35 (Association of Otolaryngology Administrators) event is just around the corner!

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How to Get the Most Out of AAO This Year

Posted by FYZICAL on Sep 7, 2017 10:47:11 AM

The AAO (American Academy of Otolaryngology) event is just around the corner!

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Do you know the ‘ONE’ thing you should be doing in your physical therapy practice?

Posted by FYZICAL on Jul 10, 2017 3:27:50 PM

As a practicing physical therapist, it’s clear you’re serious about helping your patients. As a business owner, sometimes it’s difficult to focus on being a business owner while helping your patients at the same time. You may have 5, 10, 15… 100 irons in the fire at any given time.

It can sometimes be challenging to focus on the ‘one’ thing that can contribute to both helping the most patients and making the most money in your practice.

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Taking Control of Billing and Collections

Posted by FYZICAL on Jul 10, 2017 9:52:27 AM

Billing and collections are a very critical and crucial area for private practice owners. Cash-flow is the life blood of the organization—without it the business wouldn’t exist.

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5 Ways to Build Business Without Leaving the Office

Posted by FYZICAL on Jun 27, 2017 1:20:37 PM

Marketing is hard work and can be time consuming. Whether you have a full time marketing assistant in your office or not, there are some easy ways to market your business without even leaving the building.

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How to Attract Direct Access, Out of Network, and Cash-Pay New Patients from the General Public with only an iPad… Guaranteed!

Posted by FYZICAL on May 19, 2017 5:22:17 PM

Are you tired of depending on physician referrals?

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PT Revolution Attendees Get a Rare Look into FYZICAL’s Brand Triumph

Posted by FYZICAL on May 17, 2017 9:36:29 AM

West Palm Beach, FL- June 24th, 2017- FYZICAL will be hosting a PT Revolution event alongside their company-wide annual meeting, Brand Triumph, during which the nation’s top healthcare providers come together to discuss the new age of healthcare, business strategies, and how to help more patients. The group will consist of business experts and healthcare professionals; including FYZICAL’s executive leadership team, doctors of otolaryngology, audiology, neurotology, physical therapy, and more.

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Keni Thomas Set To Inspire PT Private Practice Owners to Lead the Way in Healthcare Today

Posted by FYZICAL on Apr 13, 2017 4:09:41 PM

"Motivate your team to train as they fight, fight as they train and create leaders at every level."

Keni Thomas, author of “Get It On, What It Means to Lead the Way”, is an inspirational speaker who expresses that good leadership qualities are not exclusive to rank or title but are the responsibility of everyone in the group. Leadership is about the example you set for yourself and others on a day to day basis. To be a good leader, you must first, be a good follower. Keni encourages everyone to train as they fight and fight as they train in their everyday lives stating,

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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About FYZICAL

Posted by FYZICAL on Feb 2, 2017 11:39:38 AM

One of the first franchisees tells ALL about the “behind the scenes” workings of the PT organization

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