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To sell… or not to sell?

After more than 18 months of intense investigation, Kale and Mary Isaacson finally figured out which direction they wanted to take their private practice.

Having lost both of her parents at a young age, Mary Isaacson knows the value of time. After more than 15 years as a private practice owner, she wanted the freedom to enjoy time with her husband Kale. Instead, the couple found themselves spending the majority of their time working in their practice.

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Mary thought selling the practice was the best option. “I just wanted out, you know? I just wanted to sell and move on. We had been successful, we were still successful, but it seemed everything was becoming more difficult. I, personally, was tired of trying to keep up with the hassle and I was hoping someone would just buy us out.

“I realized the opportunities to be “bought out” were scarce and lack-luster. Large national PT organizations recognized for acquiring small private practices had overextended themselves and put an indefinite hold on acquisition. In today’s climate, a business under $5 million in collections are now rarely the target of acquisition. We, in private practice have a habit of expecting things to be one way, just because they have been that way in the past. It is not the case,” Mary explained.

“That’s when Kale told me he was going to investigate FYZICAL,” said Mary.

Kale had ambitious goals. He wanted to find a way to navigate the challenges in the industry in a way that provided more security, more freedom of time, and effective strategy for exit in the future. It was a tall order, but after meeting with FYZICAL on multiple occasions - he was confident he found the answer.

“Kale came back home from a Game Changer meeting THRILLED that he had just ‘secured our future’ by aligning with FYZICAL. I couldn’t believe it. I said ‘Uh-uh-uh, back up. Why in the world would we do this!? I want to be bought OUT of the business, I don’t want to buy IN to a business.’ Needless to say we needed to have a discussion and get on the same page,” Mary said.

In the meantime, FYZICAL was put on hold… and it stayed there for over a year. During that period, Mary conducted her own research. “I met with others who sold their business and found they were not happy at all. They had lost control of the practice, but they were still contractually tied to it for years.”

Mary continued, “So that’s when I cast an investigative eye back on FYZICAL. I was skeptical. I thought, well, of course FYZICAL sounds good, because it’s a sale. But, when I reached out to members, I found their testimonials to be overwhelmingly positive. FYZICAL had an impressive vision for the future and was moving forward in areas where others were not.”

After 18 months of intense investigation, Kale and Mary became FYZICAL members.

“We had our own future, and the future of our employees in mind. We saw other well-respected practitioners moving forward and achieving success with FYZICAL. We saw FYZICAL allowing us to get to where we are comfortable with the business and still have the ability to enjoy ourselves. It just came to the point where we knew we were in good hands because everybody in this organization wants the same thing – private practice success.”

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