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7-Step Physical Therapy Marketing Cheat Sheet

By FYZICAL on Oct 22, 2019 9:41:59 AM

Consistent and organized marketing is key to growing your physical therapy business. You should be marketing to both consumers and physicians to achieve your goals, but it all starts with a plan! Physical therapy marketing is like working out - getting into a fitness routine takes time. Once you’re in it, it’s easier to stay consistent. Let’s get down to basics and explore the seven steps to take your marketing from good to great!

Step 1: Plan
Objective: What do you want to accomplish?
EXAMPLE: Diversify our referral network so we are not reliant on a handful of physicians for our referral business.
Goal: Where do you want to be?
EXAMPLE: No more than 15% of our referrals should come from any one group.
Strategy: How do you plan to get there? EXAMPLE: Find physicians or practices that have not referred to our practice.
Tactic: What actions will you take now? EXAMPLE: Use Google to create a list of practices within a 10-mile radius and identify who has not referred to us before. Create a 10-day visit route so that each target is visited every other week for three months.

Step 2: Budget
Augment your plan to fit your budget.

Step 3: Timeline
Determine if the plan will succeed within your determined timeline. If not, you must revise the plan or recruit help!

Step 4: Metrics
What does good look like?
Goal: Your goal should set the benchmark for success. If your goal is to set up three meet and greets with physicians in 30 days, that’s what “good” looks like!
• You get what you INSPECT not what you EXPECT.
• You will have to test, test and test again.
• What worked before may not work now. What didn’t work before may work now. Whatever is working will eventually stop working, or take a break and pick back up again.
• Tweak, edit and optimize. Rinse and repeat!

Step 5: Communication
Share with your WHOLE TEAM, this should not be a secret!
Get your team behind the plan: For example, one of your marketing campaigns may be email based. If your client care specialist (front desk) knows that email collection is a point of focus they can be effective in gathering more. If they don’t
know, they can’t help! Put the plan into action!

Step 6: Review
• Plan annually.
• Review quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily depending upon the
tactics used.
• Ask yourself are we on target? What is working? What is not working?

Step 7: Revise
Modify the plan based on your observations and experiences during review.

If you can solidify these seven steps and stick with your plan, your physical therapy marketing will produce greater results. FYZICAL offers numerous tools and best practices to help.

To learn more about marketing vehicles that move the message - and actually work - click here!

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