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Are they real? 10 Myths about FYZICAL

Apr 2, 2018 7:18:00 AM

If you’ve been following FYZICAL on social media, read a few of our blogs, received mailers from us, or met us at a trade show, you may think you know everything there is to know about FYZICAL.

In reality, you’ve only scratched the surface – and that’s no joke. Here are the 10 most common myths (debunked!) about FYZICAL that we still hear from private practice owners.

Myth #1: “I will lose my independence and autonomy by joining FYZICAL.”

FYZICAL gives you the tools to succeed. FYZICAL will not make you remodel your practice, buy new equipment, use specific software, make you advertise or carry any products you don’t want to. You retain 100% ownership of your practice and make all the decisions when it comes to your business. FYZICAL provides tools and education to enhance the success of your business and provide better care, but you will never be forced to do anything.

Myth #2: “FYZICAL is just a bunch of business people, these aren’t physical therapists.”

FYZICAL’s leadership team is made up of some of the best business people AND physical therapists in the world. The support team available to you is filled with experts in not only business, but clinical aspects like balance, pelvic health, orthopedic and so much more, helping you and your employees become better clinicians.

Myth #3: “Franchise businesses are only for those that are failing.”

This is simply not true. The majority of FYZICAL owners are made up of some of the most successful PTs in the country, both clinically and from a business perspective. These members realize the benefits of joining a well-known brand, national insurance contracts, training and support, and business strategies you simply can’t access on your own. FYZICAL owners are serious about 3 things: 1) Enhancing patient care… 2) Business… and 3) Working together and helping one another.

Myth #4: “The FYZICAL business model is not sustainable.”

The FYZICAL business model (PT-Rx) has been thoroughly researched and proven to be sustainable into the future of healthcare. FYZICAL was created to not only help ensure a prosperous future for private practice owners, but also for the rights of every person in America to have the option of receiving the type of quality care only independent practices can provide. According to David Houle, futurist and author of The New Health Age, “FYZICAL is perfectly positioned for the long term and new age of healthcare.”

Myth #5: “FYZICAL is just a cash-based PT model.”

While our industry is full out many shortcut business models to switch to cash based, FYZICAL is not one of these. While many of FYZICAL’s members are experiencing tremendous growth in their cash business, physical therapy is still very much in fact an insurance-based business. FYZICAL gives you the tools to be successful no matter what you want for your practice. The cashbased aspect of FYZICAL is just a fraction of the entire business model.

Myth #6: “FYZICAL’s going to cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to join.”

Becoming a FYZICAL franchisee is not as expensive as you may think. Many of the numbers you may have seen in the FDD or online are estimates for startup clinics. If you already own a PT center, you already have the space, the equipment, the team, and the majority of what you need to operate a PT clinic. Your investment will only include a protected area/territory, which may be as small or large as you like, and is based on the population of the area you want to serve. (Note: FYZICAL does not cost you anything. FYZICAL is an investment in your future).

Myth #7: “FYZICAL wants to buy my practice.”

While this is partly true… not yet, and only if you want to. FYZICAL has become an acquirer of practices, but only those that have been “FYZICAL-ized.” FYZICAL won’t buy your practice right now, but after you join FYZICAL and implement the systems and procedures we suggest, this becomes an option for you if you so choose, and want a viable exit strategy.

Myth #8: “FYZICAL is a Scientology group.”

At first we laughed when we heard this. Then we learned there are scientologist groups in our profession, and we heard it a few times. FYZICAL is not and has no affiliations with Scientology. Do we really have to say this?

Myth #9: “The FYZICAL model emphasizes treating high volume, which equals low quality patient care.”

FYZICAL actually suggests the opposite. FYZICAL is focused on high value, helping members evidence their ability to drive down healthcare costs and improve outcomes by delivering measurable value. You can’t be successful treating higher volume. FYZICAL will show you how to actually treat LESS patients, but make MORE money.

Myth #10: “I already know everything I need to know about FYZICAL.”

Most likely, you don’t know nearly as much as you think. FYZICAL is not a business that can be discovered from a letter, email or website search. You need to come explore everything FYZICAL has to offer for your business up close and in person. Only then will you know everything there is to know about FYZICAL.


Now that’s all cleared up – ready to learn what FYZICAL really can do for your private practice?

Watch this short webinar!

Written by FYZICAL

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