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FYZICAL's Comprehensive Support Framework Unparalleled in Industry

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JULY 12, 2023 -

Fastest-Growing Physical Therapy Franchise Offers Unique and Unparalleled Support Framework 

When selecting a franchise in the marketplace today, seasoned entrepreneurs recognize that lucrative investments hinge on multiple critical success factors: a proven sales record, growth opportunity, a profitable business model, competition, and more.  

Through education and experience, however, they also understand the one critical component to achieving long-term profitability and success: franchisee support.

Why Franchise with FYZICAL?

That’s why FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers has a competitive edge in healthcare franchising, and entrepreneurs without a medical background can feel secure in making the FYZICAL choice. With over 500 open locations nationwide, FYZICAL is the #1 Physical Therapy Franchise and maintains a comprehensive support team that dominates the marketplace in terms of depth, experience, and knowledge of the physical therapy industry.

Every member of FYZICAL’s operations support team is a physical therapist or has managed or owned a FYZICAL location. Immensely unique in franchising, they know operations comprehensively, grasp the owner’s perspective and bring a bankable perspective that’s an extraordinary advantage in the franchise industry.

“Our Operations team members allow for exceptional support because as physical therapists, PT assistants, independent clinic owners, regional directors of large multi-unit organizations, and former FYZICAL franchise owners, there is almost no issue that this group hasn’t encountered,” said Rick Douglass, President of Franchise Operations at FYZICAL.

Douglass’ vision early on was to bring solid business practices and support to physical therapy owners. As a former owner, he understood the need for business education in physical therapy and influenced the structure of the FYZICAL model with his thinking. He also recognized that limited franchisee support was standard throughout the industry and rare for franchisors to have owned or worked in the business they represented.

As a result, FYZICAL developed a unique, comprehensive support framework that extensively eclipses the franchisee guidance today, offering talent, expertise, and competence that pave the way for franchisee profitability and opportunity.

“My team understands how important they are to the success of each individual franchise owner,” said Douglass. “They recognize that they are the reason someone becomes a FYZICAL Franchisee, for the support, so they don’t have to face every challenge alone. They take the success of our owners personally and celebrate every small win with them while supporting them through their challenges.”

FYZICAL's INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY GUIDE: Get in on a Booming Physical Therapy Industry 

Franchisees who partner with FYZICAL receive a variety of comprehensive support, such as real estate, construction oversight, assistance with lease term negotiations, contractor support, and clinic design and buildout. FYZICAL also equips franchisees with performance metrics and key performance indicators, such as their 10-point Management System and Pillars of Success, to help simplify operations and maximize profit.  

Additionally, FYZICAL supports franchisees with an intensive four-week training process, two-day in-person lab, on-site education, and continuous business training with 460 courses, both for owners and employees, that provide continuing education credit to ensure that all new franchisees are well-educated on the systems and processes that go into running a successful practice and provide the most innovative, cutting-edge ongoing clinical care.

“The support team at FYZICAL has been the best I have seen in my 30 years of franchising."

- Barry Burke, FYZICAL Master Franchisee, Dallas, TX

FYZICAL also offers regional meetings nationwide and their national conference – Brand Triumph – for over 800 attendees and a network of physical therapists for collaboration. FYZICAL’s all-encompassing marketing support educates owners on how to market their clinics effectively, drive referrals, increase community visibility, and offers world-class marketing guidance to every franchisee. 

FYZICAL’s Franchise Regional Consultants (FRCs) are former clinicians and managers of businesses in the physical therapy industry who support franchisees through shared experiences, hands-on five-day training, and ongoing business education to help strengthen a franchisee’s skills and promote financial productivity. 

“Our franchise consultants begin their work as soon as the owner opens their first location,” said RJ Williams, FYZICAL North Central Franchise Consultant. “We become the primary point of contact for resources and support within the organization. Our main focus is to aid in the decision-making that guides the owner to stability and profitable growth as quickly as possible.”

He added, “We have a great business strategy in the FYZICAL 10-point Management System. This operational framework covers all the foundational components for running a great physical therapy practice. The FRCs work to create accountability to that system,” he said. “Having a team at HQ that experiences businesses of all sizes and stages of growth, we can share expertise and wisdom through shared experience.” 

Entrepreneurs and physical therapists quickly recognize that partnering with a brand with such a skilled and accomplished support team and proprietary, cutting-edge therapies, like FYZICAL’s proprietary Balance and Vestibular Program, has tremendous economic advantages.

"I've been in franchising for 20 years and never had a franchise support me as FYZICAL does," said Jignesh -Domadia, Entrepreneur, and FYZICAL Master Franchisee. "They are highly resourceful, help us minimize our expenses, and bring innovation and learning experiences that don't happen often," he said.  

FYZICAL is not only a franchisor; the franchise owns and operates 60 company clinics, training and supporting the 460 franchisee-owned clinics the way they train and support their staff. They offer flexible single, multi, and master opportunities, entrepreneur-physical therapist Partnership Opportunities, and most recently, a Mini-Master opportunity, a rare opportunity to build a recurring revenue income stream by developing five or more units in exchange for a royalty reduction. 

Winner of the Franchise Times Zor Award, “Best Franchise to Buy,” and “Top Recession-Proof Franchise” awarded by Franchise Business Review, entrepreneurs feel confident that FYZICAL delivers growth, development, and financial profitability to franchisees. 

“FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is excited to be the entry point to wellness,” said Eric Thompson, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of FYZICAL. “People will always require healthcare services, as it is often a necessity rather than a discretionary spending decision. This, combined with the ever-increasing demand due to the aging population, offers our franchisees a relatively stable market during economic downturns,” he said. “We are honored to serve our patient communities.”

Entrepreneurs recognize that lucrative franchises require effective business models, innovation, low-cost investment, and multi-unit opportunities to prosper financially. Most importantly, they know that franchisor support is the foundation that determines these success factors.

FYZICAL’s rare and unsurpassed comprehensive support framework gives entrepreneurs the bedrock they need for growth, revenue, and long-term financial success.

“Partnering with this brand has been nothing but success,” said Domadia. If you want to grow and scale a healthcare business, FYZICAL is where you need to be.” 


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