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How Changing the Way You Speak to Physicians will Increase Referrals

Posted by FYZICAL on Aug 30, 2018 11:51:00 AM

When it comes to marketing your practice, there are a million tips and tricks out there as well as consultants telling you they have all the answers. However, the answer is so simple, you’ll wish you figured it out on your own sooner.

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Tags: Physician Liaison, Marketing, physical therapy marketing, physician purpose marketing, increase referrals

Marketing Shortcuts to Avoid in your Private Practice

Posted by FYZICAL on Apr 10, 2018 8:26:00 AM

Although it may be tempting to cut corners and save time when it comes to marketing your private practice, it can actually end up costing you patients.

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Tags: Marketing Mistakes, Marketing, Marketing Shortcuts

Marketing Mistakes You Could be Making Right Now in Your Practice

Posted by FYZICAL on Feb 14, 2018 2:55:02 PM

Marketing can be tricky – especially when you have patients to treat and employees to manage. However, it’s necessary to grow your business.

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Tags: Marketing, Physical Therapy, Business, Marketing Mistakes

Counting Blessings: A Few of the Best PT Marketing Blogs of 2017

Posted by FYZICAL on Nov 22, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Before you spend the rest of the week in a turkey coma, look back on some of the marketing tips and tricks we have shared with you this year.

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Tags: Marketing, Physical Therapy

40 Blog Topics for Your ENT Practice Website

Posted by FYZICAL on Nov 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Blogging is a great way to drive people to your private ENT practice website, while offering helpful, expert information to your patients.

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Tags: Otolaryngology, Marketing, Blogging

Everything You Need to Know about SEO and PPC to Attract Patients

Posted by FYZICAL on Oct 14, 2017 12:15:00 PM

If you’re confused by SEO and PPC—have no fear! Here are some great things you need to know about SEO and PPC and ways to get the most for your efforts in using them!

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Tags: Marketing, SEO, PPC

5 Reasons Why Every Physical Therapy Practice Should be Blogging

Posted by FYZICAL on Aug 29, 2017 12:30:00 PM

Why blog? Although you may have scoffed at the word “blog” when it became mainstream in the early 2000s (I must admit, I did!), it didn’t turn out to be a fleeting fad. Whether it be for personal or business use, blogging has become a great tool in marketing.

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Tags: Business, Marketing

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