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Why are Physical Therapists Hiring Audiologists?

Did you know there is a group of physical therapists hiring audiologists? They’re helping more patients and increasing their revenues doing so.

Physical therapists and audiologists are often sent patients with balance and vestibular disorders that they are unable to treat.

Audiologists use balance and medical diagnostic testing to determine if patients experiencing dizziness are candidates for vestibular/balance rehab, but the overwhelming majority of audiologists provide limited vestibular rehab and must send these patients elsewhere for the treatment they need (ASHA).

Then after these patients are passed off to PTs or ENTs, they are often left in the dust because so many of these clinicians don’t know how to treat them properly either.

This is such a common problem that affects more people than you’d expect.

Approximately 69 million Americans aged 40 years or older have experienced some sort of vestibular issue (VEDA). Many experience chronic balance and dizziness problems and 80% of people aged 65 and older have experienced dizziness and BPPV. This doesn’t even include the younger populations and athletes that experience the same dysfunctions.

Many patients are left without answers, even after seeing PTs and audiologists…

This is why PTs and audiologists are now collaborating, rather than competing.

When a patient has balance or vestibular issues, PTs and audiologists have the opportunity to diagnose and create a successful treatment plan.

The vestibular system and visual system (the audiologist’s expertise) tell the somatosensory system (the PT’s expertise) what to do. So, once the audiologist completes testing and determines that vestibular rehab is needed for a patient, the PT and audiologist create a rehab program that will correct the balance and vestibular inefficiencies… Leading to decreased dizziness, improved balance and overall activity levels.

You may be thinking, isn’t there a lot of balance therapy training needed for PTs and audiologists to treat these patients?

The answer is yes! BUT—it’s easier than you think.

FYZICAL identified the best balance expert in the country, Brian Werner, and together have pioneered the premier balance therapy program in the country.

The systems and training programs are already set in place by Brian and his team, all you have to do is want it! To learn more about the best balance program in the country click here.

FYZICAL will show you how hiring an audiologist can drastically improve patient care, productivity and maximize your revenue. You’ll see where to recruit, how to train, and how to effectively manage an audiologist in your center.

Before you jump into the interview process with audiologists in your area, take some time to research best practices and the potential applicants out there. For this opportunity, you will need to find an audiologist with interest or specialty in balance and vestibular issues. But more importantly, the desire for growth and influence in the future of your business.

There are some valuable tips for hiring an audiologist for your private PT practice. Click any of the resources below for some tips on recruiting!

Don’t post a job, advertise respect.

What is talent anyway?

The first 5 lines.

10 Phone Interview Questions for Audiologists.

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