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18 Tips to Boost your Company Facebook Following and Engagement

In today’s world of endless technology and social media, a company Facebook page is a necessity! It’s not enough just to have a Facebook page though. You need to discover what kind of content your patients are looking for on social media and provide that content consistently and creatively. Over time you can increase your following and engage more with your followers—which will lead to greater brand awareness, and ultimately… scheduling more patient visits!

Here are 18 tips to boost your company Facebook following and engagement.

  1. Use a recognizable profile photo. Use a photo of your logo or company name so it’s easy for users to know who you are.
  2. Add a cover photo. A great cover photo can really spruce up your Facebook page. Use something like a professional photo of your clinic, team or full logo
  3. Get a catchy URL. Facebook allows you to select a catchy URL to make it easier for users to find you on Facebook. Just make sure the URL is relevant to your company name.
  4. Fill out your ‘About’ section. Tell users about your practice and services. Leaving the ‘About’ section blank may make it difficult for users to understand who you are or what you do.
  5. Use a call-to-action button. Decide what you want your patients to do after viewing your page and select the appropriate button.
  6. Respond to ALL messages quickly. This will earn you the “Responds to messages quickly” badge on your page. Then, visitors will know you’re responsive and helpful.
  7. Post at optimum times. Post your content during the times when most of your audience are on Facebook. Between 1-4 p.m. tend to be the best times for shares and clicks.
  8. Share industry news and hot topics. Share hot topics on health and wellness as soon as it’s relevant. You can use the opportunity to offer helpful tips and advice on the topic or news.
  9. Adjust post frequency. Don’t post too much, as it may annoy your followers. Post consistently each week, and adjust more or less and see if there is improvement. When you find what works, stick with it.
  10. Recycle/boost your best posts. You may have a couple posts that get an especially good response from your followers. Keep those posts handy to re-post after enough time passes. You can also boost those posts to reach even more users.
  11. Post quizzes/polls/surveys. Gaining feedback is important so you know what your followers want from you. Post occasional quizzes, polls and surveys to gather feedback and engage your audience.
  12. Use images and videos. Multimedia is visually pleasing and captures more attention than words. You should almost always include a photo in every post. Videos and live videos can be effective as well, as long as they aren’t too long or boring.
  13. Schedule posts in advance. If you’re busy and don’t have time to focus on social media every day, schedule posts in advance on Facebook.
  14. Share your blog content. You’re hopefully writing blogs for your website. Share those on your Facebook page so your followers can view the valuable content you provide.
  15. Share content from other brands/companies. If you see helpful content from another company that you think your followers would appreciate, share it! That company will appreciate it and may share YOUR content too!
  16. Have giveaways and contests. Giveaways and contests on Facebook are a fun and easy way to boost engagement and get more followers. For example, you may give away a free one hour massage to a lucky winner that likes, shares and comments on your post. You select one winner from those that participate, and thousands more people have now seen your post from all the shares.
  17. Encourage visitors to comment, like and share. Ask and you shall receive! You’d be surprised how many people will comment, like and share your post if you ask them nicely to do so.
  18. Always experiment. Keep it fresh and know when to try something new! You will have good and bad ideas when it comes to Facebook, just keep experimenting until you find the content that your audience craves!

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