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Letter from Fellow ENT: "Throughout my entire career in medicine, I've never seen anything in otolaryngology as revolutionary as this."

Fellow colleague,

My name is Gary Lake. I am a practicing ENT physician in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My otolaryngology partners and I recently became FYZICAL franchise owners, and we have successfully incorporated vestibular and balance therapy into our practice. This has been one of the best decisions in our careers and has bred new life and excitement into our practice.Gary_M_Lake

By most measures, you could safely say we had a successful medical practice. We had full clinics and long waitlists to see us. We implemented measures to be compliant and made changes necessary to continue our success. Even so, we still felt like we were bailing water out of a sinking ship. My partners and I believed a major shift was necessary, and that’s exactly what compelled us to add a FYZICAL Balance Center to our practice. Our experience since has been overwhelmingly positive.

We all see “dizzy” patients. It is the general rule of thumb that most otolaryngologists are not excited to see these patients because they are complex, time-consuming, and sometimes untreatable. They are commonly put through a battery of tests --MRI, cardiac, neurologic, and ENT evaluation, only to exclude any significant pathology. Once reassured, patients are frequently discharged to a cursory hospital vestibular program or not treated at all. Those with dizziness are often told to live with it as it’s a consequence of age. After incorporating FYZICAL’s turnkey programs into our practice, all of us are now excited to see these patients. We finally have an effective therapeutic option for vestibular and non-vestibular patients (such as those at high risk for falling), that is both satisfying to the patient as well as rewarding professionally & financially to the physician. In addition, my partners and I have been able to tap into business expertise traditionally inaccessible in our profession. This alone will make a substantial impact in the profitability of our existing practice for years to come.

The reception has been tremendous from our patients as well as our referring physicians. Doctors are often at a loss for what to do with these “dizzy” patients. But this is just a small example of what the FYZICAL model has done for our practice. We have also added a retail functional assessment called BodyQ, increased our audiology services - including raising awareness of hearing aids and we plan to expand into medically based fitness.

I truly believe this new, ancillary service will revolutionize otolaryngology as you know it, and will enable you to offer a here-to-now unavailable service to your entire community. I encourage you to explore this concept and the impact this opportunity will have on your practice, your professional outlook, and on the lives of your patients.

FYZICAL represents an opportunity to diversify your practice income, and create a brand new profit center. These balance patients are already in your waiting room, and you potentially have hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue lying dormant in your practice ready to be collected.

This is a new concept. Our balance center is the first of its kind in Alabama. Today, this concept is revolutionary, tomorrow it will be deemed ordinary. I can’t stress enough how time sensitive this is. I highly recommend doing whatever it takes to explore this opportunity before it is no longer available to you and your business.

Watch the Discovery Video Webinar for more details:

Discovery Video available Here.
You may also call 941-227-4308 now for more information.

Dr. Gary M. Lake, MD

Tuscaloosa ENT Center, P.C.

P.S. - I wrote this piece to my colleagues because this opportunity has helped me love what I do again, and I know it can positively impact the lives of anyone looking to secure their future in this changing world of healthcare.

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