BodyQ®: The Future of Healthcare and the Future of Private Practice

Major advances have occurred with a testing program in the FYZICAL world. The program gives doctors and therapists information to keep their patients healthy and independent the rest of their lives. This testing program is called BodyQ.

What is a BodyQ®?

BodyQ is an integrated testing program addressing movement, function, general health, vision, hearing, balance, and recovery. Its primary function is to save patients from injury and damage down the road, put simply… prevention.

In addition to cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, now people are starting to keep track of their BodyQ. If you don’t offer this in your practice, you NEED to check out this amazing opportunity!

BodyQ is one of the tools that FYZICAL is using to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Rather than focusing on sick care, BodyQ allows you to focus on well care.

People are becoming more health-conscious. Most people would do anything they could to prevent future diseases and injuries, wouldn’t you?

So, if you offer your health-conscious patients a way to prevent future diseases and injuries, you will have them rushing to your doors.

How does BodyQ® change the future?

Wellness and prevention-focused treatment will, ultimately, result in insurance companies spending less. By preventing injuries, you are cutting out those costs for surgeries, medication, treatment, etc. in the future.

How do YOU benefit from BodyQ®?

BodyQ is a wellness tool that FYZICAL franchisees are using all over the nation to build lifetime relationships with their patients, while also increasing their cash based business overnight.

This testing program will bring you additional business and revenue on a consistent basis. By assessing your patients’ BodyQ, you will be able to provide them any of the following:

  • Physical therapy: Perhaps you’ll identify a need for physical therapy after providing a BodyQ.
  • A fitness program: They may not be in as good of shape as they hope. This could lead to a medically based fitness program within your practice. This is being done at multiple clinics across the country and proving to be extremely successful for patients and business owners.
  • Physician referral: Wait, what? A physician referral? Have you spent most of your time waiting by the fax machine for referrals from physicians? Well, this portion of PT-Rx now makes it possible for you to make referrals to physicians. Now the doctors will be depending on YOU! The next time a local physician needs to prescribe physical therapy, where do you think he/she will be sending them? These reciprocal relationships are priceless.

To FYZICAL, it just makes sense to focus on holistic, preventive care. BodyQ prevents future injuries, needless pain and progressive physical decline. Ultimately, preventing needless healthcare expenditures and leading to more money in YOUR wallet!

To learn more about BodyQ and what PTs and doctors are saying about it, click here. Join FYZICAL in changing lives and improving the healthcare world!

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