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Why are ENTs Adding Balance Therapy to their Practice?

If you haven’t heard by now, otolaryngologists across the country are adding balance therapy to their private practices and are making more money than ever before! Balance therapy is now the #1 most profitable ancillary service for private practice ENTs.

Why balance?

There is a huge unmet need for balance and dizziness treatment. Young people, athletes, middle aged and the elderly all face vestibular challenges. These vestibular challenges lead to falls every 11 seconds. Every 19 seconds an older adult dies from a fall related injury.

The balance rehabilitation market is calling for a hero… and ENTs across the country are adding balance centers within their practices, helping patients stop falling, and adding significant ancillary revenue within their business.

This is a HUGE opportunity! When you add balance services to your practice, you will be able to prevent falls in the future, creating a better life for your patients. Additionally, as you become a balance expert in your city, you will see an increase in new patients and your employees will produce significant revenue providing balance therapy. The benefits are endless.

How is balance therapy boosting the incomes of these ENTs?

Traditionally, ENTs offer off-site referrals for vestibular patients. Now, you can treat these patients in your own practice.

Click here to see two Innovative Otolaryngologists who have added balance in their business.

This cross-pollination of services between your current services and balance will increase your success too! Implementing balance and dizziness therapy leads to:

  • Increased ancillary revenues, including hearing aid sales
  • Better oversight - Better outcomes
  • Streamlined comprehensive patient care
  • Greater revenue to the practice

How can you add balance therapy to your private practice?

Right this moment, other otolaryngologists—like you—are securing an optimistic future for themselves by adding this ancillary service to their practice. You NEED to learn more about this program that is transforming the world of otolaryngology.

If you want to take a step towards bettering your future, you can learn more about adding balance to your practice and even tour a balance center. You will discover the systems, operating procedures and exact steps on how to address your patient’s balance and dizziness needs, and turn your existing patient base into a highly profitable ancillary income.

If you’re interested in exploring more, request more information below, or call one of our experts now.

Hundreds of otolaryngologists across the country have already made this advancement in their practices. Discover how to enhance patient care and boost your income today!

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