FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Paves Way for Physical Therapists to Achieve Clinic Ownership

Fastest-Growing Physical Therapy Franchise Introduces Partnership Program for Aspiring Physical Therapist Entrepreneurs

 SARASOTA, Fla., April 10 – FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, the country's fastest-growing physical therapy franchise, is officially launching its Partnership Advantage Program, a unique initiative for licensed physical therapists wanting to open their own clinics to partner with seasoned entrepreneurs. This exclusive partnership will allow more physical therapists (PTs) the opportunity to pursue business ownership and contribute to the growth, establishment, and expansion of FYZICAL clinics nationwide.


FYZICAL's Partnership Advantage Program is a platform designed to empower licensed PTs, matching them with well-funded entrepreneurs with strong business acumen. FYZICAL will facilitate introductions between PTs and entrepreneurs in similar market areas. If it's a match, individuals will design a partnership agreement that aligns with their business goals. The Partnership Advantage Program introduces an alternative path to clinic ownership, where PTs can maintain their autonomy, build a dynamic team, and bring patient-centered care back to the forefront of private practice.

"Over one thousand PTs who were interested in opening their own clinics reached out to FYZICAL last year, but many lacked the financial means necessary to pursue these ambitions," said Brian Belmont, CEO of FYZICAL. "That's why we created this partnership - to bridge this gap and provide resources to PTs aspiring to become entrepreneurs, enabling them to secure ownership stake and significantly elevate their earning potential."


The Partnership Advantage Program was inspired by the success story of Chris Bailey, PT, DPT, who owned a private physical therapy clinic outside Erie, Pennsylvania. He was looking for opportunities to grow his practice when he connected with Karla Mazza, a seasoned entrepreneur interested in owning another company. The two went into business together, combining their strengths and capitalizing on the business model. Today, they stand as exemplars of entrepreneurial success, having transitioned into FYZICAL multi-unit owners and running successful and highly profitable clinics.

"My goal was to expand throughout the Erie, PA, region, but as a solo clinician, I knew it would be difficult," said Bailey. "Karla had the expertise to execute the expansion with her extensive business and marketing experience. By partnering together, we've witnessed remarkable growth, scaling from one clinic to four and leading a team of 20 clinicians," continued Bailey. "The success that we've achieved has been unparalleled, and it's inspiring to see others form partnerships like ours with FYZICAL's Partnership Advantage Program."

Learn more about FYZICAL's Partnership Advantage Program and franchising with FYZICAL.

About FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers:
FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers stands at the forefront of the health and wellness industry as the nation's fastest-growing physical therapy franchise, boasting an extensive network of over 550 locations that span across 46 states. Committed to a holistic approach, FYZICAL provides top-notch, personalized care plans to treat patients of all ages experiencing muscle, joint, and neurological conditions including balance and vestibular issues. As an advocate for patient choice and direct access, FYZICAL empowers individuals to take control of their well-being to achieve optimal physical health and balance. For more information about FYZICAL or to find the nearest location, visit


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