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Fyzical Announces Partnership with Sensory Technology Company, Nabosco


FYZICAL has partnered with Nobosco to provide an innovative solution for patients in 100 FYZICAL locations across the country by enhancing balance and foot awareness.

PHOENIX--Naboso Technology, a leader in sensory-based products, and FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, a pioneer in physical therapy as well as balance and vestibular therapies, have partnered to expand their shared vision for people across the country to experience the quality of life associated with optimized movement.

As a preferred partner, Naboso’s suite of products are utilized in over 100 FYZICAL locations across the country, including Glendale, CA, Travelers Rest, SC, Fort Myers, FL, Johnson City, NY and Corry, PA. The clinics use a combination of Naboso’s proprioceptive products, such as the Neuro Insoles, Neuro Ball and Training Mat.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with FYZICAL given the synergies between Naboso’s mission to revolutionize the sensory side of movement and FYZICAL’s unique style of therapy,” says Michael Imperatore, co-founder of Naboso. “As a leading physical therapy organization with a unique focus on balance, we take immense pride in the fact that FYZICAL trusts our products with their patients, validating the effectiveness of our products.”

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Virginia Reed, Regional Director of Southwest Florida for FYZICAL’s Company Clinics, has seen remarkable results from the Naboso insoles for patients with generalized neuropathy. Their unique patent-pending texture is designed to stimulate the small nerves in the feet, allowing these patients to reconnect to their foot awareness and improve balance.

“One of our patients had not felt their feet in years due to neuropathy, negatively affecting their balance. While standing, they could not tell if their weight was in the ball or the heel of the foot. After just one day in Naboso Insoles, they could feel pressure in certain places when standing which improved their balance and safety, immediately,” says Reed.

“The feedback from our patients using Naboso's products speaks volumes,” Kevin Mercier, Senior Director of Strategic Development at FYZICAL, adds. “The therapists and the patients not only love the quality and ease of use Naboso’s products offer, but the results they see are almost instant and lasting.”


Founded in 2012, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is a physical therapy franchise with over 500 locations across the country. FYZICAL offers a medically based approach to health and wellness through comprehensive patient care using unique balance protocols and healthy lifestyle products and services.

About Naboso® Technology

Naboso is a sensory technology company that develops products to optimize the way people move, feel and live by helping them reconnect to the sensory side of movement. Their innovative product line includes textured insoles, socks, mats, flooring and release tools. All the Naboso products are designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet, thereby improving foot awareness, foot strength, balance and gait.

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