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As a Private Practice Owner, Should You Pay for Staff CEUs?

The answer is—YES! As a private practice owner, you should pay for your therapy staff’s continuing education because it will tremendously improve the patient care you provide, and improve your staff’s skills and expertise. It’s also a state licensure requirement for certifications to be kept up-to-date.

Whether your therapists are recent grads or experienced professionals, their education should never end. You can leave it up to your therapists to pay for their courses themselves, however, if you foot the bill, you will be able to include this as a benefit differentiator. When therapy applicants are considering employment at your facility, the culture of professional growth and emphasis on excellent patient care will be very appealing.

Treatment protocols, methods and equipment can change rapidly in the physical therapy industry, and unfortunately many PTs don’t keep up with the advancements. By paying for your staff CEUs, you can not only confirm they are completing courses, but you’ll also ensure your therapists are taking the best courses available. Making sure your therapists are up-to-date with the latest treatment methodologies is absolutely necessary in order to provide top-notch patient care. If you don’t, you could be hurting your patients.

Continued education is also a great way for your team to become well-rounded, or even develop holistic skills. As a private practice physical therapy owner, it should be your goal to build a more holistic team, with expertise in as many facets of the industry as possible. If you have therapists that specialize in certain areas, they can still remain masters at their specialty, but they should also continue to train in other areas as long as they practice.

So, what does this cost look like for you?

The average physical therapy owner budgets approximately $1500 per clinician for continued education. However, this will only get you so far. Watch this webinar to see why.

It’s recommended by industry experts to budget more than $1500 per clinician to truly provide the most advanced patient care in physical therapy. This industry is in a new age of education, as more is expected of therapists than ever before. There are also continued education resources that go beyond clinical specialties and provide training in billing, insurance reimbursements, marketing, management, branding and so much more.

Right this second, a group of private practice owners, business experts, clinical leaders and trainers are continuously gathering knowledge into a proprietary, all-encompassing platform with the latest and greatest in PT education through an ever-evolving ‘College.’ This group puts into the hands of every clinician the most up-to-date treatment methodologies for every ailment, and step-by-step processes for not only treating patients, but also the business side of private practice as well. The best part? All of this could be available at your fingertips every day.

Check out our Resources page today to learn how you can share knowledge, resources and ideas with this group, and build a team of therapists dedicated to continuing education and expert patient care.

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